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Your tongue must perform these sensual acts during sex! - NSFW

Do you know the tongue plays a most important role in a sex session than your genitals? Indeed to experience arousal, the soft muscle of the tongue is much needed than anything else. Moreover, you can taste the sensuality of intercourse through your tongue. So, if you are that one person who always skips using the tongue to experience physical intimacy during sex, then my dear, you are completely missing the major part of sex!

The sensual act of kissing can never reach the level of perfection until your tongue involves. This is the very reason why some people won't get hard down there even though they lock their lips with their partners and that is why lip kisses are all about love and affection. They never come under the roof of erotica. Only your tongue can drastically shift you from romanticism to eroticism. Do you know that the testosterone and estrogen hormones level up or get activated completely when you kiss your partner by involving your tongue to exchange the saliva through which the hormones get into the sensual moods and prepare you to experience your sexual desires? So, don't be a woodpecker who just peck on lips, be a snake who can twirl inside your partner's mouth by using your tongue!

Never stop using that tongue of yours to kiss your partner, even though you reach the third base of sensuality, never forget that you started it from the first base. So, whenever you get an opportunity to kiss your partner, plant an intense kiss to remain hard throughout the session! Tongues aren't only to kiss, but also to lick, suck and fuck too!

The sensual act of running the tip of your tongue and licking with the base of your tongue must be used during your foreplay. It's not about oral sex. Play with your partner's body and lick at the various erogenous areas to elevate the erotic moods. Neck, navel, nape, spine, armpits, ears, nipples are some of the areas your tongue must focus to lick with its tip and base!

It's a known fact that nipples get erected completely when you suck with your tongue. Though pressing and pinching nipples do the work, but the sensual act of wilder moves around the areola with the tip of your tongue makes your partner feel breathless. If you suck your partner's nipples deeply and run the tip of your tongue occasionally on the erected nipple, surely your partner asks you for more because this sensual act you perform with your tongue can make any person feel utmost erotic. So, use your tongue instead of biting nipples with your teeth. Being wild and being idiotic are two different things. Recognize the difference.

After tasting the sweat and every inch of your partner's body, ask your tongue to stop at your partner's navel. Most people skip the navel part, but that's one erogenous area a person must focus on. You can penetrate your tongue into your partner's navel. This sensual act makes your partner feel ticklish, deep, and surely run his or her fingers into your hair or around your head. So, you can imagine how your tongue can help you improve your sensual moves. Make sure your partner doesn't feel uncomfortable during this process.

And of course, oral sex is all about the tongue. But instead of just using it to suck your partner's dick or lick your partner's butt hole or vagina, you can also use it to blow some air. Do you know blowing air can make any person feel relaxed? Oral sex must arouse and relax a person and most importantly prepare a person to experience the pain and pleasure constraints of genital sex, be it vaginal or anal.

So, in between the acts of sucking and licking, roll your tongue to make a narrow path between two sides of your tongue to pass your breath from your mouth to hit your partner's head and hole. Sucking your partner's penis with all your saliva running from head to balls represent the act of a typical blowjob, but if you blow your warm air from the tip of the penis head to all over the length, it feels extremely sensual. And also, you get some pause to give your mouth to form some saliva. This act can be implemented for extending the time after you feel choked up because of the blowjob! So, yeah act and use your tongue smartly!

Similarly, you can do the same blowing air technique while giving a rim job to your partner. Making a butt hole feel relaxed, flexible, and open up is the essential thing a perfect rim job must do. And this doesn't only happen if just land the base of your tongue on your partner's butt hole and lick all over the crack. You can penetrate with your tongue, yes, you can fuck a hole with your tongue. Roll your tongue as narrow as you can and thrust the tip of your tongue inside the butt hole and explore the warmth of your partner's anal region. Blowing air around the hole makes your partner feel relaxed and encourages him to open up slightly for better oral sex and for better penetrations too!

Gone are the days, where exploring sex through the tongue is considered taboo. Grow up and experiment your sensuality by tasting it through your tongue by following proper hygienic measures, taking safe sex precautions, and allowing too many edible flavors to let your tongue explore various tastes blended with your partner's fleshy, meaty and sweaty taste!

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