Your tongue must perform these sensual acts during sex! - NSFW

Do you know the tongue plays a most important role in a sex session than your genitals? Indeed to experience arousal, the soft muscle of the tongue is much needed than anything else. Moreover, you can taste the sensuality of intercourse through your tongue. So, if you are that one person who always skips using the tongue to experience physical intimacy during sex, then my dear, you are completely missing the major part of sex!

The sensual act of kissing can never reach the level of perfection until your tongue involves. This is the very reason why some people won't get hard down there even though they lock their lips with their partners and that is why lip kisses are all about love and affection. They never come under the roof of erotica. Only your tongue can drastically shift you from romanticism to eroticism. Do you know that the testosterone and estrogen hormones level up or get activated completely when you kiss your partner by involving your tongue to exchange the saliva through which the hormones get into the sensual moods and prepare you to experience your sexual desires? So, don't be a woodpecker who just peck on lips, be a snake who can twirl inside your partner's mouth by using your tongue!