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You shouldn't fake these five 'F's with your dating partner!

Dating is kind of a love game people feel like playing constantly without considering complications, especially in this current, modern scenario. Creating false impressions by faking some vital things is becoming a habitual aspect these days among couples who date each other on the foundations of such manipulations. Any relationship that forms out of lies comes with an early expiry date no matter how great a person can conceal one's real personality with all those fake truths.

Unlike some people who purposely portray their fake personalities to score brownie points in their worthy dating partners' minds just to fulfil their materialistic pleasures, most people fake a few basic aspects to impress, get along and secure their romantic interests without losing them because of their realities and real personalities. But those basic elements possess the power of causing drastic changes in one's romantic life scenarios and sometimes may ruin one's dating life completely. If you are someone who thinks, faking or lying about some things makes you closer to your dating partner, then be prepared to lose many things in your dating life including your partner.

Financial status:

Sadly, in this modern dating scenario, most people are inclined towards dating others who match or possess the capability of elevating their financial status. It's become a rare element where people from different financial stature fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. So, do you think you can get away easily with this current age reality in dating if you fake your true financial status in the process of impressing your dating partner? What will you do if your partner's lifestyle needs and monetary desires are out of your reach? How will you manage your expenses if you lie about your earnings for the fear of losing your love interest? Things go gravely wrong if you portray your fake financial status and you may end up in deeper trouble, especially when things get serious within no time. So, faking your finances is a wrong move in securing a dating partner because no matter how true your love is, you always get considered a liar, cheapo, desperate, greedy, manipulative and a cheater.

Hence, portray your proper financial status in the initial stages of dating. Be clear about your financial contribution to your romantic relationship. You must be specific about what can you provide and how can you lead a couple-lifestyle within your financial reach because this will help you in acquiring a true partner and also lead a smooth dating life with a proper plan.

Food habits:

Another basic factor that shouldn't be ignored at all because it matters the most when you move from casual dating to a serious committed relationship. For the love of god, never fake your food habits, appetite levels, preferred cuisines and most importantly your diet or food practices to get along with your partner and try to match your food habits to make sure your dating partner believes that you both have many similarities. It is a foul move indeed. For instance, if your partner practices Veganism and can't entertain the thought of consumption of meat, then being a typical meat eater, do you think you can fake your whole life sitting in front of a plate full of salad dressing in a strictly vegan restaurant on every single date? Hell, no!

Food is an essential element for a person to live and if you compromise your primary needs for securing a romantic partner in your life by spilling fake food habits, then it becomes difficult for you in a long run and when your partner gets to know the reality of your taste in food, then don't you think your partner points at you as a liar for such basic necessity in your life. There's a chance of misunderstanding where your partner may consider you as someone who lies for minute things, let alone the more significant aspects of life.

Friends and Family:

People are strengths for any person, and they form a strong support system in one's life. No matter whether you were born in a joint family or as an orphan; after you grow up as an adult, your connections speak volumes about your kin and kith. They say one can know about the person by witnessing one's circle of people. And if you fake such friendly and family connections with your dating partner to portray a so-called people's personality image, then it becomes extremely difficult for you to handle the situation when one day your partner gets to know the harsh truth of your lies.

You must accept who you are, your position in your family and your rapport with your friends before anything else to find a true-life partner. When you lie about your family and friends with your dating partner by depicting fake connections, raising unnecessary hopes of belonging to a great family, and portraying random strangers as friends even though you don't know a single bit of them, just to look cool in the eyes of your partner, things become pretty disastrous when your partner discovers the truth of you being a no-one to anyone you ever claim to be someone to you. Some people maintain preferences for dating others from particular family backgrounds and like-minded friend groups. So respect it and be clear about your family and friends, instead of faking connections because it comes under manipulation and cheating when you fake.


Well, in this generation, having numerous flings endure a common thing, especially with these booming dating-turned-hookup apps on the run everywhere. Having flings isn't a terrible thing and it's a choice of a person's dating lifestyle and sexual desires but trying to conceal the fact of being a dating player is surely an unacceptable mistake, especially when you are with someone who doesn't like lies at all and don't entertain contacts with flings. Considering the mindset of your dating partner, you need to know how to come out clean in terms of your flings, even though you think it's a wrong choice to talk about or even mention them with your possessive, protective and sensitive dating partner.

Everyone can handle truths even though they take some time to digest and process but no one can handle lies easily, specifically those people who don't get along with fake portrayals and depictions of lies. You don't have to tell every detail of your fling history, but it is always good and cautious to mention the brief details about your flings when you think they could be trouble for you in the future. If you were a player, then accept it willfully instead of acting innocent and extra decent because when your partner finds your past dating chronicles, you would be portrayed as a pervert.

Fashion statements:

You may wonder who would fake fashion statements. But unlike previous eras where people used to follow the generation trends in terms of clothing, furnishing and lifestyle, in these modern times people tend to create their fashion statements to stay exclusive and extraordinary. Thanks to social media where you find hundreds of fashion and lifestyle influencers who keep influencing people with blended fashion trends according to various personalities of people. This is the specific reason why some people are specific about their choice of dating partners with particular fashion statement preferences. It may sound dumb, but it's become a lifestyle choice of having a suitable fashion partner in one's intimate life.

So, in these circumstances, if you get into someone particular about fashion and lifestyle statements, you should portray your true choices of dressing and elements of societal living because if you fake fashion statements to get along, impress or secure your fashion-obsessed dating partner, then you may end up facing the worst breakup scenarios ever. Have you ever thought of getting dumped for not knowing a particular brand or a trend? As mentioned earlier, there are various kinds of dating players in the market. Know your type properly before faking your choices.

It's not only about those kinds of fashion influencer-type people. On a general note, if you aren't comfortable wearing a particular dress or not comfortable dating someone who has a particular kind of dressing choice, you don't have to force yourself or fake your comfort levels with your partner's fashion statements to escape the complications. Always try to put your true self out while dating to avoid fakeness in yourself and others.

So, these "F"s may sound tiny and petty, but if you fake these basic elements, what happiness do you find in dating someone with whom you can never be truthful?

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