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You are single, not alone!

If you think you are alone just because you are single, you need to know that they are many queer couples who feel alone even though they are in romantic relationships. A person's relationship status never defines one's state of mind. There are many queer people especially homosexuals who are happily single and leading their singlehood as single gay fathers and single lesbian mothers. Do you know that you can date and still be single?

There's no wrong in being single and exploring the world out there in many possible ways. But there's wrong in carrying the aspect of loneliness everywhere you go. That's a flawed approach to life. If you wanted to be single, better stick to it and carry the relationship identity as you own it, instead of giving a chance to other people by suggesting you get a partner beside you.

Yes, if you feel alone, it gets surely visible on your face and people can easily sense it. We are humans and we can't stop intervening in others' lives. The people around you start poking you regarding your singlehood and if you start allowing their opinions and statements, you gradually get swallowed up in their darkness and you end up hating yourself, which is not at all good for your physical and mental health.

Instead, start embracing your singlehood. Let people understand how you appreciate your life, your career, your passion, your lifestyle, and your decision of being single. The world stops questioning you when you look confident, happy, satisfied, and contented. Regardless of how many people try to make you feel that your relationship status implies loneliness, never consider that baseless opinion.

Of course, in this current virtual scenario, looking at various gay couples online, you may feel a bit sad, jealous, and sometimes disgusted too because of their extra cheesy activities in front of the camera. You may think those queer couples are happy being committed to each other and you are just single without a partner beside you. But do you know, whether all the gay and lesbian couples you watch online are genuinely happy and true to each other? Who knows they may show off some intimacy to the world and fight in real life? So, never conclude by merely observing people online without knowing them personally. Instead, you can be true to yourself without pretending to be with someone.

If you have decided to be single, never let the couples around you affect your happiness and ethics. You can be single, but there are a lot of people like you who are single in the queer community and happily appreciating the aspect of singlehood. Do you still think that you are alone? It's just a feeling which comes out of external sources only when you let them disturb you internally.

If you however feel that you are alone, think about why you are single and what made you end up being single? There can be many reasons for a person to be single. It could be a past relationship, toxic ex, self-obsession, self-sabotaging attitude, health issues, mental instability, exhaustion out of dating too many people, serial breakups, career, or else simple, you may not be meant for relationships.

Every single reason supports you strongly that why you need to be single and why it is important to not committed to the other person for various personal, professional, financial, sexual, emotional, psychological reasons. But yes, you can still get committed to yourself, your ideology, your opinions, and your singlehood. If you start committing yourself to your inner personality, you will never feel alone no matter what because your single soul always stays with you and makes your body function brightly without allowing the darkness of loneliness.

So, if next time someone questions you regarding your singlehood and ask you "Don't you feel alone being a single"? Give them a befitting reply by mentioning that you are dating yourself, and the status of the relationship is "Singlehood." If you are proud to be queer because of your sexual orientation, why can't you be proud to be single?

And when the time comes and when you feel like getting engaged with someone you love, never degrade your singlehood and also never degrade other singles because at the end of the day, at some point in our life, we always crave for being single. Even at this point, you are not alone. Singlehood and loneliness are two different concepts; they only merge when you allow them to meet. Simple!

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