You are not 100% anything!

We all live in a bubble and label ourselves with a particular tag to lead our lives forever by struggling in the same bubble we create out of our interest or by someone forcefully. A very few of us believe in the concept of fluidity and hence most of us don't like to accept the fluid nature and force ourselves to stick with the same label or tag we are entitled to believe in, especially when it comes to sexual orientations!

Do you think a heterosexual can never feel something attractive in a fellow same-sex person? That's completely a myth. Straight people can get attracted to people other than heterosexuals too. And it's not wrong at all. It's just we, humans are made to be fluid with our sexual orientations but our typical societal norms don't let us get along with the sexual fluidity and make us end up restricting ourselves in expressing our desires, wishes, concerns, and compliments too!