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You are not 100% anything!

We all live in a bubble and label ourselves with a particular tag to lead our lives forever by struggling in the same bubble we create out of our interest or by someone forcefully. A very few of us believe in the concept of fluidity and hence most of us don't like to accept the fluid nature and force ourselves to stick with the same label or tag we are entitled to believe in, especially when it comes to sexual orientations!

Do you think a heterosexual can never feel something attractive in a fellow same-sex person? That's completely a myth. Straight people can get attracted to people other than heterosexuals too. And it's not wrong at all. It's just we, humans are made to be fluid with our sexual orientations but our typical societal norms don't let us get along with the sexual fluidity and make us end up restricting ourselves in expressing our desires, wishes, concerns, and compliments too!

For example, if a straight alpha male expresses his appreciation towards the beauty of an effeminate gay person, the world judges him within split seconds and also doubts regarding his sexual attractions too. But why? Don't you know that complimenting the other person has nothing to do with sexual orientations? And what's so wrong if a macho-looking straight male shows some fluctuated attraction towards a random gay guy? Just because a particular person comes under the roof of a heterosexual male, it doesn't mean he has to lead his whole life under the same roof and it doesn't specify that he should never appreciate the beauty of another man regardless of the orientation.

This typical judgmental criticism needs to end. Lesbians can fall in love with the looks of a hot straight guy. Gays can idolize the inner and outer beauty of a typical woman and can dream about attaining the same level of beauty. Bisexuals can stick to only one part of their soul by committing completely to either of the gender identities he or she sexually attracted to. Transgenders can date other transgenders and need not have to restrict themselves to be with the opposite sex person post their transitions. Pansexuals are completely allowed to feel asexual after exploring every particular orientation on the earth. An asexual can slightly drift towards attracting others romantically. A straight woman can describe the deeper beauty of another woman's body. A straight man can show his physical attraction towards another attractive male.

All these scenarios are too common in our daily life routines, but all these are also the ones that get pointed out by others and sometimes by ourselves. Some people are ignorant, and you can't change every single person around you. But you can transform the person in you and make yourself accept and love the way you are and most importantly allow the sexual fluidity in your life. But answer to yourself, how many times have you restricted yourself in expressing something which you think may affect your sexuality and your image in society? Well, most of us commit this baseless blunder and instead of accepting it, we deny it until we get back to the feeling of our same old labels!

For suppose, if you are a lesbian, and you feel attracted sometimes to the hunk bodies of men or feel like complimenting when you see cute dimples of men, then you must express it whenever you feel. This won't affect your sexuality, no matter what others think about you. Who knows you might be a lesbian but could be a bisexual too right? Your attraction towards other males may be signaling something to you. Maybe your personality is craving for a sexual fluidity or else they are just attractions and nothing more than that. Instead of suppressing those feelings inside you, try being open about them. This gives you a clear spectrum of exploring your sexuality further. If you are positive throughout the exploration, your sexuality needs fluidity and you need to get along with it by experiencing the new label, if not you can always be happy under your same old sexual orientation roof by simply eradicating all the unnecessary attractions.

You are not 100% anything to feel rigid and restricted about your sexual orientation. You can always drift apart, explore and come back to the place where you belong. Thinking that you are only a particular person with a particular gender identity and particular sexual orientation, makes you close-minded, half-hearted, and near-sighted. If you are completely sure about yourself, then it's well and good but if you are confused inside and pretend to be perfect outside, then it's not fair on your part. You don't have any right to suppress your personality until and unless you decided to be ignorant.

Similarly, you are not 100% homophobic, queerphobic or transphobic. Just because someone's influence, societal stupidity, and the internal clash of opinions are taking over your personality, it doesn't mean you need to listen to everyone else except your heart. Deep down, you too know that the queer scenario is completely normal and truly accepting, but why do you think that you are made to criticize the queer community though you too know that there are plenty of chances for you to abandon your stubbornness and show your love towards a fellow human being without considering the gender identities and sexual orientations!

Remember, you are not 100% anything and you can always be bits and pieces of various things in various percentages to be a 100% gentle human!

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