You are more than just a teaser...

Whoever has said "Life is a movie", that person is so damn true to the core. With the twisted tragic turns and entertaining aspects, everyone's life is not less than a movie, especially the ones who are involved in a love-struck in their life. Our lives go peacefully happy without any expectations, controversies, and complications until the entry of the character called "Love". This one simple thing sometimes changes the whole story of a person's life. Some people have happy endings and some people abruptly close the chapters with unexpected sequels and some people just vanish away like illogical magic, which we can also say ill fate.

Are you also one among them who can consider yourself as the victims or survivors of love because of the part it played in your life? Indeed, everyone is a victim or a survivor when it comes to love. Before going further, answer yourself one more important question. Are you the one who completes the whole movie regardless of any factors which mislead you not to watch it or are you the one who just walk away if you can't handle the emotions or the screenplay? Who are you really? Are you the one who finishes off the task or are you the one who escapes for the sake of your mood? These may be just related to your cinematic experiences, but these also imply your behavior in your real life.

The word "teaser" is the one new trend that has introduced in this millennial era to elevate the curiosity factor in the audience to make them wait for the whole movie by releasing a small video clip. Take it as a promotional strategy of the entertainment industry, but this particular one is ruling the market and people's mind in a very effective way. Hence, slowly people became more excited about the teasers than the movies. But the missing thoughtful, fact is, unlike a movie, a teaser always leaves a person with a mystery and an untold story and most importantly, with too much anxiousness, judgments, arguments and all the reasons for its audience to talk about the movie. And one more question, do you still care about going through teasers after watching a complete movie?

We go through many teasers, but hardly end up watching a few movies completely, only if we like the plot, but some people like all the teasers and go to the movies, and sometimes, walk out of them with a sunken face due to their bad plots. Do you want to be like a teaser or like a movie? Well, in real life, we as humans, we encounter many people under the name of love, but we only end up feeling it with very few and for some people, the count is too less that they end up with one good person. Of course, a teaser always teases you with many mysteries and always indulges you in thinking about it, but nothing can make you feel more complete than watching a full movie, knowing everything that it has and especially the wholeness.

We encounter many people who act like teasers in our life and sometimes, we become teasers to some other's life and it is completely okay. Though the teasers are incomplete and mysterious, they always give you a hint about the whole story, the basic line of the story can be easily revealed. Sometimes we may like the basic lines or sometimes we may fall for the fake basic lines or sometimes we can never connect to the basic line. That is all perfectly fine. But you can't just go ahead in your life by judging endless teasers right? One or the other day, you need to put yourself together to watch a complete movie to know the hidden meaning of the teaser. At the same time, you can't be the teaser for someone else's life and play with that person with your untold story and if you get along with the person, you need to open up and allow him to explore your complete story to enjoy the feeling of wholeness.

Yes, there are chances, that you may end up disliking the movie and there are also chances that your movie may not get the appreciation you expected, but that doesn't mean you completely give up on the hope of love. Who knows you may get the perfect person as your audience to value and cherish your complete story and give you a happy ending. At the same time, you may become someone's perfect audience and make that person feel complete. To appreciate the wholeness of your life, always strive hard to complete any endeavor you encounter. Walking off in the middle of the scene never make you feel complete, indeed it leaves you with guilt and self-doubt about your choices. Be it a good or bad or tragic or extremely happy or confusing or irritating or annoying or ridiculously disgusting, if you pull yourself to watch a movie, do complete it no matter what. This is not forcing yourself to anything you may dislike, this is just giving yourself a chance to feel complete and make others complete with your presence.

So, don't be just a teaser, always be a movie. Even mysteries feel complete when they are solved and not escaped. Go ahead and wat