Yoga Poses for Perfect Intimacy!

Sexual orientations are about love and attraction towards the opposite or same gender. As sex is the ultimate form of love, sexual orientations are more about Sex. Because, that is the only way to show the purest form of love through making love with one's partner. But, what if some disturbances arise during intimate moments, say it physically and emotionally? The whole process of love making would be disturbed and there are quite a lot of chances in decreasing of intimate moments further. Especially, in the case of homosexual couples, there are more risks in intimacy. So, on this International Yoga Day and this Pride Month, we got you a sorted list of Yoga poses for Gay couples, specifically.

For Gay men, breathing exercises are more important to balance the respiration. In some intimate moments, men feel breathless, especially while Kissing and a few anal sex positions because of continuous penetration. One must actually focus on Inhalation and Exhalation of breathing. Following the rhythmic way of breathing actually helps to breathe in a proper way. You don't have to focus on specific techniques, just breathe in and breathe out in a rhythmic way by focusing on how you inhale and exhale would do the purpose.

When it comes to techniques of Yoga, Standing deep breathing Pranayama and Kapalbhati blowing (short span inhale and exhale of breathing) are the best forms of breathing exercises.