Yoga Poses for Perfect Intimacy!

Sexual orientations are about love and attraction towards the opposite or same gender. As sex is the ultimate form of love, sexual orientations are more about Sex. Because, that is the only way to show the purest form of love through making love with one's partner. But, what if some disturbances arise during intimate moments, say it physically and emotionally? The whole process of love making would be disturbed and there are quite a lot of chances in decreasing of intimate moments further. Especially, in the case of homosexual couples, there are more risks in intimacy. So, on this International Yoga Day and this Pride Month, we got you a sorted list of Yoga poses for Gay couples, specifically.

For Gay men, breathing exercises are more important to balance the respiration. In some intimate moments, men feel breathless, especially while Kissing and a few anal sex positions because of continuous penetration. One must actually focus on Inhalation and Exhalation of breathing. Following the rhythmic way of breathing actually helps to breathe in a proper way. You don't have to focus on specific techniques, just breathe in and breathe out in a rhythmic way by focusing on how you inhale and exhale would do the purpose.

When it comes to techniques of Yoga, Standing deep breathing Pranayama and Kapalbhati blowing (short span inhale and exhale of breathing) are the best forms of breathing exercises.

For balanced breathing conditions in intimate moments, try Abdominal Breathing technique, in which one must breathe through the belly, inhale from the area between the abdomen and chest and exhale through controlling the diaphragm. Focus on the belly respiration.

Here are some of the Yoga poses that must be practiced by all the men to be good in bed and to enjoy the intimate moments with one's partners. Constant Practice of these yoga poses will show the results.

Pigeon Pose: The intensity of this pose actually lies in the stretching of legs totally opposite to each other and balance the body in a firm way. This pose gives strength and balance to backbone, legs and chest area.

Pelvic Floor Lift: This fun pose is good at stretching the pelvic muscles opposite to the floor to the roof by balancing on legs and stressing hands to the floor. This pose useful to create balance in the pelvic area during intercourse. Practicing this yoga pose is really good for the sex life.

Locust Pose: This is a little difficult pose where the whole body should be balanced on the abdominal area. The hands, legs and head of the body must be balanced with each other and should be in air. The person should keep his whole body weight on his stomach. Proper inhale and exhale techniques can make this pose easier to practice.

Sphinx Pose: Sex is all about balancing the act in various sexual positions. For long lasting intercourse, one should maintain proper balance of the whole weight on just hands and feet. Few intimate positions make you take or give the support by or to your partner. Hence, Sphinx pose truly helps for a person to hold the whole body on just hands and toes of the feet.

Boat Pose: Can you balance your whole body in air on just your butts? Well, this pose is all about it. To maintain the perfect posture, this pose really helps any person to balance the body on bums.

Plank: Planks are common exercises and basic yoga pose too. Planks helps in strengthening the abs of a person and set both front and back body in a straightened posture. The Balancing act of planks for around 10 minutes a day, can really transform your body. The excess belly fat will get reduced if your practice plank pose daily.

And out of many researches from many yoga teachers and yoga lovers, we have also sorted best yoga poses for Gay Top Men and Gay Bottom Men for perfect topping and bottoming in Gay Sex Life..!!

For Gay top men, the stamina levels must be more because of the active role they play in an intercourse. They must be flexible enough to try various positions. For Gay tops, flexibility plays an important role in supporting their partners in various sexual positions, especially anal sex positions. To increase the flexibility, one must practice these yoga poses:

Crescent Lunge: Lunges are the best form of flexibility exercises and they also tighten the thigh muscles and helps in expanding them. Crescent lunge is all about raising hands in the air and keeping a leg forward where as balancing the whole body on the knees of another leg which spread in backwards. The whole pose is totally based on the flexibility of two legs. This helps in grabbing the energy at the abdominal area by strengthening the thigh muscles.

Low Push Up: Push ups are the exercises which help in reducing the body weight and also helps in maintaining the balance of body on hands. Low Push up actually increases the ability to hold the body in hands by focusing on the abdominal area. The whole body must be straight and balancing energy can be managed on the toes of the feet.

Camel Pose: This is that one pose which connects the whole body from head to toe. Bending of each body part can be seen in this pose. Practice this pose daily to get flexible enough to mold every muscle of the body. Balancing the body by holding the feet with hands and keeping head straight upwards to the roof is the main part of the pose.

Upward Plank: Upward Planks increases the ability to hold any position for longer spans. Intercourse is all about appreciating it for more time. To support your partner and to hold a position, one must be balanced enough with the body and also this pose helps in gaining the stamina. This pose is good for enlargement of the prostate.

Warrior Pose: Stretching the hands and legs in the widest possible way and focusing on the upper body is all about the warrior pose. This pose plays prominent role in making a person flexible way. This standing pose helps in maintaining the balance between both hands and legs.

Gay Bottoming is all about taking the penetrations. A perfect bottom is that one who can hold all his energy in the lower body by balancing the upper body. Stretches help a gay bottom to be flexible enough with the lower body muscles. Because, a lot of sex positions make a gay bottom widen the legs apart and standing on them through our the session.