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Years, lovers and glasses of wine!

These should never be counted, stated one of the finest Italian authors, Anthony Capella, in the most flirtatious way to elevate romanticism through his words. But have you ever wondered why they should never be counted when most of us count every single birthday, every single breakup and every single bottle of wine?

If you keenly observe, each element of that particular phrase defines ageing and in the process of growing old with enormous experience, we bother much about the number rather than living the moments in the past, present and future. And also from the perspective of having a romantic partner beside you, don't you think, counting the number of years you spent before encountering the most deserving one, the lovers whom you were with in the past and the glasses of wine you keep counting instead of enjoying the moment with your loved one, take you nowhere but ruining the acquaintance you enjoy currently? Naturally, those numbers do matter because too much wine on one night is also hazardous but your approach to counting numbers must come into the picture only when necessary especially when you know and have a deep sense of being with the right person.

Speaking of years, they surely define how old are we in every possible way with every passing birthday celebration in our lives. Here the counting of one's age number defines the mindset of a person. If you feel every birthday makes you look aged and push you a bit nearer to death, then you can never enjoy your existence on earth with such a pessimistic mindset. On the other side, if you think, ageing makes you mature enough with all the encounters and experiences you gather all this while, then you will be able to enjoy every moment of the rest of your with an optimistic mindset. They say age remains just a number, indeed it's an experience and nothing and no one can beat an experienced person in sharing exquisite life stories where one can learn way too many things.

The day you start investing your energy in counting numbers and feel worried, you start losing the zeal of living your life. And when you know that you are going to do something bigger, when you work on your dream project, when you struggle every day to attain a good point in life by acquiring all the skills and exposure, then you should never count the number of years you spend during the process. If you count, then it makes you feel demotivated especially if the number is immense. Nothing is a waste of time when you work for building your dream position in life. And when it comes to love, all those years leave you with endless stories and you get maturely ripened in choosing the best person to love you the way you deserve.

The number of lovers sounds silly. Some people feel absurd whereas some people boast about it. A few consider that number as the number of heartbroken scenarios and a few consider it as the number of times a person scored other people physically and psychologically. It seems entertaining until the number surprises or shocks other people. And that number stereotypically decides your character even though you have no mistake in leaving all your exes for various reasons. People don't have time to listen to your whole story, and no one can know your past in one conversation. Hence, if you count the number of lovers in your life, it ultimately irks your mind for being a failure in holding at least one lover in your life or it portrays you as a player in people's minds.

When you meet your righteous romantic partner and deep down you know that you are going to spend a better future with that person, the number of lovers in your life before meeting the person who loves you the most doesn't matter at all and if you keep stressing out on that number, there is a chance of ruining a beautiful bond you share with your current loving partner. Don't keep a count of breakups, exes and past love stories, instead keep accepting the lessons you have learnt so far through those people with whom you fell in love in your past so that it will help you to stay focused and experienced in the present and can build the better future.

Wine is a romantic drink, isn't it? The colour, the taste and the texture of any wine define its worth because here the number of years does matter the most. The old is the best in terms of wine and when you share a glass of wine with your romantic partner, you shouldn't count them by bothering too much about getting sloshed and being a different person. Wine tasting is an art and the drink savours the taste buds of the person who relishes it with passion and love. It's moreover a soulful romantic experience any couple can dream of and when you enjoy that particular moment of sharing wine to celebrate your love, don't you think counting glasses of wine by worrying about assumptive post-drinking notions ruin the current moments you spend with your loved ones? Even though you get high easily on wine, let your partner grasp the drunk side of yours. Conceivably that unfiltered side of yours may make your date fall in love with you more or if your partner leaves you after that then maybe that person isn't the one for you. So if you count your glasses of wine, you will never get to see the extremes of your love.

Accordingly, now do you accept the theory of not counting years, lovers and glasses of wine because if you count, it will restrict your exploration and leaves you with no experience!

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