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XYX - The triangle Love based web series!

Are you an ardent lover of binge watching web series on your fluffy couch with a tub of popcorn? Then gear up to watch the newly arrived web series in VIU entertainment named "XYX - Love, Friendship, Confusion." This is the story of two girls and one guy who work together in Mumbai and coincidentally end up staying together at one abode. And the story is all about the dramatic situations they encounter with one another, the confusion with their sexual orientations, preferences and roles in their life. This story has everything a person expects, friendship, love, romance, and drama.

Well, the story starts with the narration by a little baby and the confusion in her mind after finding three people right in front of her after opening her eyes. The story has a lot of twists and turns which leads to a lovely confusion. That makes any viewer anxious about the next frame of the story.

Coming to the characters of XYX, Farah, Nikki and Binny, played by Neha Iyer, Tarun Gahlot and Preeti Sharma, are the leading cast of the story. Farah and Binny are two lesbian lovers and Naresh aka Nikki, is the guy who falls in love with these two girls in different situations, but end up in confusion because of the Farah and Binny's clarified sexual orientations. And the whole story runs around these three characters like how they care and love for each other, the value of friendship, the coming out scenario to the family and many more entertaining and heart touching moments.

Released a week ago, this web series is totally recommended for every queer person to get related to their own queer situations. Because the web series is totally based on the LGBT community scenario, the love between same sex couples, the emotions, coming out with some steamy scenes. So, all the queer people out there, you must binge watch this series, as the first season of this confusing yet entertaining love story came with 5 episodes which are on average running time. It hardly takes one and half hour to watch the whole season. The lesbian love story and the value of friendship has portrayed in a beautiful and emotional way.

Everydayqueerlife, suggests you the first season of "XYX" from Viu entertainment/ Viu app, for a binge watching web series this week. Don't miss it out. Take some time and appreciate the work. Entertainment is guaranteed!

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