Words in the World of Polyamorous Relationships!

Unlike the typical monogamous relationships where couples are restricted to be with each other and confined to be in a serious committed bond, the world of Polyamorous relationships is comparatively quite vast. The tree of polyamory consists of many branches with slight difference in blossoming the flowers in their own way but belongs to the same root of being in a relationship with more than one person. Polyamory represent a huge, modern and controversial concept since ages and a very few people have tried being in polyamorous relationships and successfully moving forward for happy endings. The remaining people barely have a minimum idea about the deeper terminology of Polyamory!

Clearly, if you want to be that ignorant who thinks that his/her point of view about orientations and relationships is correct and the rest of the world sucks, then you clearly don't have to learn these terms because it is wholly understandable how boring you desire your life to endure! And if you are that one person who wants to explore the options in the world as a part of spreading love and being loved by multiple people, you need to recognize a few words which may aid you to achieve a better idea about Polyamorous relationships! Polyamory starts with an essential foundation of trying open relationships or open marriages. If a devoted couple make a decision to be with someone they like or lust or love romantically, sexually and physically without crossing the emotional bond or commitment between each other, then you can term that couple as Open. This is the initial step of seeking polyamorous relationships. Therefore, if you want to be with someone sexually or romantically or sometimes even emotionally without ruining the bond between you and your loyal partner, then you can proudly consider yourself in an Open-relationship where you possess a clear idea about your limitations.