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Why this orientation is the most adaptable one?

Unlike any other orientation, this includes its definition in the name itself, Pansexual. Pan means all and when it is all, it befits in all. Simple. But it is not an easy task to understand the deeper meaning and includes many struggles to get identified as Pansexual. Indeed, like two sides of a coin, every orientation can be recognized in two ways. This is why love and hatred can be encountered by every person who belongs to the queer community.

Unfortunately, pansexuality is even unincluded as one of the regular labels of the Queer community. Hence, imagine the scenario of a person who comes out as a pansexual. This is one such orientation, which the love and hatred can be encountered from the inside out of the community. Most of the queer doesn't even understand the whole terminology of being a pansexual. Because it is as fluid as water and adopts the shape of a container. This is why Pansexuality becomes the most adaptable sexual orientation, in both good and bad ways. A pansexual male can engage with a bisexual woman, gay, transgender, bisexual man, androgynous, and almost all the queer. Likewise, a pansexual female can get into a bisexual man, bisexual woman, lesbian, transgender, and all the queer. Pansexuality is all about getting into people romantically and sexually regardless of gender and orientations. This definition says all. Pansexuality can fulfill the eligibility of being with almost all the sexual orientations present on earth except heterosexuality and strict homosexuality (pansexual man can never be physically engaged with lesbians.) Except for these, pansexuals can shift from one pan to another pan with the utmost flexibility to prepare a delicious recipe.

But this is the most critical reason, why pansexuals end up being panicky. Because of this adaptability and fluidity of the sexual orientation, it withstands the diminishing effect. Are you wondering how? Imagine your gay friend is dating a pansexual male and when you invite them to your house party, other people in the party perceives them as a gay couple, surely not as a couple in which a gay bottom and pansexual man is included. It is the same when a Pansexual female is in a relationship with a lesbian. So, where is the Pansexuality in the picture? Well, it gets vanished in a larger context, and this is one scenario that can be encountered by every pansexual person out there. No matter how badly you stress your sexual orientation as Pansexuality, most of the people fail in identifying you and your partner as a Pansexual couple. Though the orientation serves its purpose of allowing a person to remain with anyone regardless of gender and sexuality, at the end, when a pansexual pair with another person, it is mostly recorded that the other person's sexual orientation has mostly considered in naming a relationship. Have you heard of a Pansexual couple to date? Unfortunately, a very few might have encountered two people being in a relationship with a tag representing a pansexual couple.

On the more optimistic side, this is the beauty of Pansexuality, to get easily convertible and flexible according to the other sexual orientations. Pansexuals mostly do not bother about gender labels and relationship tags. All they care about being with people they like without any further judgmental criticism basing on orientations, gender, color, caste, creed, whatever. He turns into a gay top if he hooks up with a gay bottom. She transforms into a lesbian with other lesbians. He becomes a man to a trans-woman, and she can act like a perfect next-door girl to a trans-man. He/she can convert him/her into the best partner to have an emotional attachment with an asexual person. He/she can easily mingle with all the queer and take part in their struggles and love too. If you are a pansexual, you don't need to be panic. Indeed, you must be proud that you are naturally eligible to handle too many orientations.

Always cherish one thing, if you date or in a relationship with a pansexual person, try not to forget the real orientation of your partner. Just because you are gay, it doesn't mean his orientation will change after getting into a relationship with you. It stays the same. Please do respect Pansexuality, and never take it for granted. Make sure, you introduce your partners to others as true Pansexuals to clear the clouds instead of taking advantage of the adaptability feature of the orientation. And to all the Pansexuals, it is important to identify yourselves as pansexuals no matter with whom you are. Be confident and be proud of your orientation and your existence in society. Acquiring the shape of a container looks beautifully flexible until and unless the water doesn't lose its taste and transparency. Accordingly, do not lose the flavor of pansexuality. It is absolutely convenient to be tagged as a gay couple or a lesbian couple or an asexual couple, but it is not okay to be considered as any other orientation when you are completely Pansexual. To the fullest extent, do you anticipate the people from other orientations can label themselves under different sexuality? Hell, no! So, be adaptable but never be one-sided.

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