Why don't you ever wear dresses?

If you are that lesbian who likes to carry a masculine personality, then you must have encountered this particular question a lot of times by people around you, almost every single day. So, how do you feel when someone asks you to shift into those fashion statements which you never understand and never get into? This question may seem simple but indeed it's a tough question to answer, actually no tomboy or butch lesbian likes to respond to this question because of the microaggressive aspect.

There is no rule that every girl must dress up in a completely girly way to portray one's feminine personality. Lesbians are stereotypically considered as women who dress up bold and their fashion choices speak the volumes of masculinity. Some categories of lesbians are mostly based on their dressing choices and behavioral patterns. If you have a typical lesbian pal, you understand the drill around their styling statements.

Most of the lesbians have their signature fashion outfits. Some opt for monochromatic looks, some go with single-color blocks, some fill their wardrobes with either white or completely black, some love to just shop the pieces of denim, some maintain the typical male collection of blazers, trousers, and shirts, some only wear one kind of checked or striped shirts, some are mostly into office wear or formal wear, some always carry business looks no matter what, some only carry their personalities in shorts and sleeveless vests. One can find most of the lesbians in typical male attires (according to the typical societal dress codes).