Why do you bring up everything to sort out that one issue?

Why do you have to? Do you like exaggerating things? Do you like dragging a discussion to an argument and finally end it with a senseless fight? What makes you think that one problem can be solved by involving other issues which retain no connection with the present issue? Have you ever asked these questions to yourself or your partner when you fight or argue in your relationships, especially when you both realize that you are taking things way too far than they are truly destined to?

Queer couples are no lesser than any other heterosexual couple and hence, the couple scenario remains the same in any kind of relationship regardless of sexual orientations. Couples tend to get into some ugly arguments on simple things and later regret being such a spoilsport in their relationships. If you are that person who likes to bring up all the past sorted and unsorted issues into any current issue in your relationship just to prove your point or to degrade your partner even more, then you are completely wrong for being that way, argumentative, and torturous.

Gradually, this kind of mentality makes you end up with a huge loss of your partner and no matter how many relationships you get into, you inevitably face breakups because of the same issue. Until and unless you stop bringing up past painful things in sorting out one particular issue in your relationship, you never have peace of mind and worse, your partn