Why do they have to flaunt themselves so much?

This is the common question many heterosexuals have in their minds regarding queer people especially drag queens, transgenders, and effeminate homosexuals. Typically, people who spill femininity other than heterosexual women are always treated as someone who exaggerates the aspect of womanhood through their behavior, dressing, and gestures. The queer community consists of people who are expressive, who don't hesitate to present their creativity in every single possible way, and who never want to get oppressed even though they encounter many kinds of suppression every day.

Not only heterosexuals but a few people who are from the queer communities also raise the same question when they face someone who is extra effeminate and they call them girlish and sissy. Strictly speaking, no matter however the surroundings around us evolve gradually, people still stuck up with the gender norms and discriminate against others based on their gender behavior. A male is expected to behave as tough and wild whereas a female is expected to behave as sensitive and graceful. Then how can a person judge another person who tags oneself as transgender or non-binary? Do you have any pre-mentioned gender norms for people who belong to the third gender and gender-neutral?