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Why 69, when you can try 369 and 469?

The number 69 is quite famous in the world of sex, isn't it? And mostly everyone loves to play a role in this popular oral sex position. Regardless of the orientations and genders, this particular kind of receiving and performing a blow job has become a key part of sex sessions. This is classic indeed like how Missionary position is for penetration, 69 is for oral sex! Wait, hope you have an idea about 69? If not, it is all about pleasing each other's genitals by tasting, licking and sucking by lying opposite to each other. Look at the number 69, exactly a couple must face opposite to each other by reaching their genitals to one's partner's mouth for a cock sucking or a rim-job or eating out session (women).

The position 69 includes various calculations, and this is the most feasible oral sex position because a couple can try by sleeping, standing, sitting, sideways and even kneeling too. For supposing, a gay couple wants to try the classic 69, they can have combinations of getting mutual rim-jobs, mutual blowjobs, a gay top receiving a blowjob from his partner at the same time giving rim-job to gay bottom. These comprise the essential combinations of trying out the 69-position as a part of oral sex in a couple. And most of the couples attempt this and sensually get pleasured by their partners to elevate the rush for smooth anal or vaginal sex. Effectively, 69 is for such couples in which two people are included, then what about the couples in which more than two people are involved? What about all those Polyamory couples?

There is no place for worrying in the world of Kamasutra as this sex epic contains every particular aspect for every single person in this world. Group sex practices have been following by people since ages and centuries. After the introduction of the concept of the threesome, people started considering the angle of being sexually connected with more than one person. Indeed, these sexual practices are also one of the reasons for people to try Polyamory. Most of the polyamorous relationships born out of sex between various people because intimate affairs can sometimes become seeds for emotional attachments too. But most of the polyamorous couples don't have an idea about group sex positions and behaviors. When it comes to oral sex, a person sometimes feels like left out when the other two enjoy each other's sensual company. Hence, the positions of 369 and 469, come into rescue for these polyamorous couples.

The oral sex position of 369 is specially dedicated to all the throuples and people who love getting engaged in threesome sex. Therein, the involvement of three partners is equally divided among themselves to sensually satisfy each other with various combinations of blowjob, rim-job and sometimes penetration too! Take a gay throuple as an example, 369 can be practiced in which two partners can perform fellatios to each other whereas the third one can give a rim-job to either of the partners. There is another combination with a little improvement in which the third person can allow one of the partners to suck his penis but in this, one of the partners must work with two dicks at the same time, also called as Double-header oral sex. These are the main combinations of a complete 369 oral sex position.

But sometimes 369 work as the blend of both oral and anal sex too. This means, when the two partners are enjoying orally, the other partner penetrates the receiver who in addition giving a blowjob to the one who is giving him back. Hence, it is a combination of classic 69 and a classic doggy or classic missionary anal or vaginal sex position. It is all about the clarity among the sex partners, so confusion never comes into the picture if you are more explicit about your role. The fascinating part of 369 is, one of the three partners will always get double benefited in either receiving both blowjob and rim-job or else blowjob and penetration. Broadly, gay bottoms enjoy higher chances as they can act as givers of blowjobs and receivers of rim-jobs and penetrations too!

And next come the 469, the most clustered group sex or polyamorous oral sex position. The more the number, the more the combinations of shifting roles in sex. If you are in a polyamorous relationship with three partners, then this is the best one to practice. There are a few basic combinations in this sex position. 1: Two partners must be in classic 69 position giving blowjobs to each other whereas the other two give rim-jobs to those two partners. 2: Two partners in classic 69 position and the other two providing double-heads to those two partners who are already involved in giving each other combinations of the position 69.

These two are the complete oral sex positions of 469, but there is additionally a combination that portrays the blend of oral and anal sex positions too. In this position, while the two partners involve in classic 69, the other two penetrate those two who are involved in oral sex in a classic missionary and classic doggy position. Because when two partners lie on each other giving oral sex pleasure, one person must be on top and the other facing the top person. This allows an accurate position for other partners to penetrate anally or vaginally. Isn't it intense?

Admirably, the polyamorous relationships represent the deep and intense bonds. Hence, their practices of group sex positions equally involve many combinations and shifts of roles. So, what are you waiting for, instead of just waiting for your turn and being left out, get into the action with your other partners and appreciate the power of polyamory and get sexually satisfied at the end?

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