Which level of outness do you belong to?

Unlike heterosexuals, the open status of sexual orientation carries out a vital role in a queer person's life. Straight people are fortunate enough, not to announce their sexual orientation as heterosexual to the world because their orientation is accepted, followed, and imbibed, by default for ages in humankind. But when it comes to the people who belong to the queer community, the world expects them to announce their sexual orientation, to know their sexual preferences, and also to criticize them openly. That's a sad part of the LGBTQ+ community. People need to come out and say that they are homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, intersexual, pansexual, and even asexual because this makes a person have a particular "Out" status in society.

Being closeted and being open, aren't the only outness statuses in the queer community. There are many other levels included and they swing between the strictly closeted and extremely open. A queer person's public behavior completely depends on these outness levels. All gays of various tribes are considered, as gays personally but in public, their behavioral patterns, lifestyle choices, and preferences depend on their various levels of outness.

Have you ever been with a recreational bisexual, who only gets into the same-sex gender when no one is around him or her? These people are highly restricted and closeted in opening up their sexual orientation. Except for themselves and the person they get into, no other person knows about their true sexual orientation. Because these bisexuals only explore their sexual orientation in between four walls and they don't allow any leakage of information about their true sexuality by hiding under the skin of heterosexuality. These people stay at the extreme level of closeted status.

Not only bisexuals, but many people in our society don't like to reveal their sexual orientation and be open about it, and they don't leave a single clue to people because they don't like to be treated differently. Some are completely discreet. Some are too scared about the judgments in society. Hence, these people don't let other people know about their orientation at all.

Next comes the ones, who only open up with strangers. These people are mostly restricted to dating profiles with faceless display pictures and no bio information. They look for a discreet, no strings attached person for hookups and they reveal their identities and appearances when they meet a person directly. These people are the ones who explore their orientation by hooking up and meeting people from the community. They keep it the low profile, and they only open up to strangers and like to share their side of the story.

Some people are partially open and partially closeted. Currently, half of the queer community is filled with people who swing on this partial level of outness. These people are open up with only a fellow queer person in the community and they maintain their sexual identity hidden from the rest of the world. These people make their presence in private queer parties, discreet queer events, and also behind the masks in pride parades not to reveal, their true sexual orientations to the outside world.