Where do the excessive lust feelings lead to?

Lust, that one feeling which involves elements like attraction, infatuation, desire, and even love. Of course, love and lust are purely different from one another, but they don't exist without each other. Hence, the emotion of togetherness and bonding happens only when both of them are blended with exact proportions, not less, not more. Because any one of those feelings crosses beyond their limitations, there is going to be a pause in a relationship with unnecessary and unpredictable fluctuations.

The imbalanced amount of love can be dealt with in some ways and in some situations love itself can act as an antidote for excessive or diminishing emotion of love in a relationship, but the feelings of lust aren't like that. They travel in a different direction, which may either irk the people off and end them sometimes in self-doubt and sometimes in judging others.

The fact of getting attracted to a person in the first place is all about lust, which must be accepted. Lust is all about wanting something a person desires for. It may be physical desires, sexual desires, and even emotional desires too. If you desperately want to get married someone and think that only has to do with love, then you are mistaken, the factor of lust would be included in it. Yes, desperation is one byproduct of lust, which a person feels when his lust-worthy feelings get escalated.

For suppose, you fell for someone's looks and wanted to get to know him/her personality. The lust of having sex with that person always drives you mad and makes you always end up exhibiting lusty feelings in the form of dirty talks, lame body comments and your every conversation with him/her take you to the bedroom sexual stuff. This is how your sexual lust works. No matter what kind of as a sacred activity that the person performs, your thoughts always see that person naked and wanting to fulfill your sexual desires. If you feel this way, you are just about ruining the whole bond between you and that person. Because no one likes to get treated as a piece of meat every single second of your life. Even sluts sometimes think with their hearts. Hence, your excessive lust kills the vibe with or without your intention and that is going to be the starting point of your degrading relationship graph.

It's the same thing with the people who fall for someone intelligent, smart, clever enough to deal with anything, highly professional and career-oriented. This set of people doesn't care about looks, but they are suckers for careers and knowledge. Firstly, if someone is highly educated and brilliant, doesn't mean he/she should only talk about education, politics, and knowledge. Come on, dating is all about knowing each other, it's barely about sharing world knowledge. But some thirsty people, who are lust-worthy enough in terms of giving and receiving knowledge, irritate their partners all the time, even though when they are on romantic dates, they talk about business instead of kissing their partners. Doesn't it sound weird and full of boredom?

And there comes the set of people who are obsessed about physical appearances which may include bodybuilding, being in shape and expecting their partners to be beautiful on a lazy Sunday too. This is toxic like big time. Because these people, torture their partners with their obsession and thirst for having a perfect physical appearance just to make sure people treat them as power couple or made for each other. This physical thirst and pressure end up in breakups. Instead of appreciating what their partners doing for them, these people want more than required and make them feel suffocated by talking about body shaping and end up in body shaming, which is disgusting. And this is what excessive physical lust is all about.