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When your woman's unconditional love depends upon conditions...

Women are loved unconditionally by default, unlike men because of their blessed effeminate grace. Not every woman can be treated as a goddess because witches also exist in this very world and a person must be aware of such manipulative, deceptive, and delusive women to comprehend the reality. But unfortunately, that trait of easily getting attracted weakens a person with typical masculine motives to fall for materialistic conditions in the expectation of unconditional love. Here masculinity doesn't imply only to men but also to lesbians who love women as their romantic partners.

Hence, romanticism plays a prominent role in women who like to use it as a weapon to get things done. In a relationship, love must be unconditional even though that romantic partnership gets developed or initiated based on a few conditions that elevate the lifestyle of a couple together. But some women lay conditions so beautifully that their partners couldn't even find what's wrong in such conditions especially when they are laid to return some fake unconditional love.

Society generally considers a typical masculine person as physically abusive, mentally exhausting, psychologically oppressive, personally scary, and emotionally unavailable but strictly speaking, the same kind of persons also exist under the masquerades of femininity and in the forms of demonic women with various strategies to elevate their lifestyle scenarios by manipulating the pure emotion of unconditional love.

If you are a heterosexual man who loves your dating partner or wife or girlfriend and considers that person as a woman of your life, then you must make sure that the particular person deserves the chastity of your tender feelings. If not, you end up suffering various emotional consequences, and they hurt your emotions badly and may also ruin the concept of love for you.

A true woman who unconditionally loves you accepts you the way you are, supports you in every possible way, be there for you in sickness and health and most importantly never complain even after receiving a gift in the expectation of receiving something bigger every single time. Needless to say, that a relationship includes a few materialistic factors like looks, money, status, name, and fame, but if the same relationship flourishes only when a woman gets whatever she wants to portray her partner's worthiness worldly, then do you think that she showers unconditional love on her partner?

These capitalistic women exist in the queer community too in the form of lesbians, bisexuals, and transwomen who only stay with their men and promise to be beside them until their greediness gets satisfied. This isn't about targeting womanhood in general, but one must agree to the fact that these kinds of women do exist in society to lure masculinity in a materialistic manner. All you need to do is get rid of them but only after teaching a proper life lesson because unconditional love is as pure as a mother's womb.

Sex is a sensual weakness to many people and if your woman uses it as a weapon to target your weak points and always keep a proposal to fulfill before having sex or during your intimate time, try to perceive the intentions and never fall for such erotic traps. Remember, if you want to hold on to someone for having sex regularly and do whatever asks you for regardless of your situation and condition, then you must tag yourself as a puppet. Sex should elevate a couple by relieving the stress; it shouldn't come with a stressful condition that adds extra stress even after attaining an orgasm.

If your woman keeps comparing you with others, degrading and demeaning you in front of others and always trying to devalue your personality privately and publicly and keep forcing you to participate in the rat race to improve her materialistic life without even thinking about your emotions at least for once, then she is being toxic in your relationship. These women act well only if you get them something or satisfy their inner ego by doing something they recognize as worthy enough to get their fake unconditional love.

If your woman is money-oriented and behaves completely commercial, then never expect such unconditional love because even though you feel it as love, it's going to be completely fake and illusional. Moreover, if you are confident and true to yourself in providing love, care, affection, and attention to your partner without getting drifted away from your relationship, you need to make your woman treat you the way you deserve. You cannot force someone to love you, but you can always try to change the perspective of your woman and even after trying if you feel the same, then yes, you deserve another woman who cares for you unconditionally.

In the lesbian community, some women use the feelings of other women mostly bisexuals or other lesbians in the aspect of love. If your partner's love depends on the conditions, she lay in your relationship be it professional or personal choices, then do you think you need to get with such a person. When the world looks out for you as a queer person, you need to be in an inspiring relationship not in a demotivating relationship in which two women stay with each other under some materialistic conditions for sex and lifestyle by making the world think that they shower unconditional love on each other and spreading fake couple goals with #loveislove

Instead of being with such women, it's always pleasanter to stay single and search for someone who loves you unconditionally without laying any conditions to be in a relationship. It's love, not a business contract. Laying conditions materialistically to be with each other as a deal has another name and that's Prostitution. It may sound offensive, but truths are hard to digest sometimes.

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