When your partner is not confident enough to confess...

And that happens only when your partner does a mistake but denies to accept out of ego, guilt, fear, and sometimes immense respect too. In a romantic relationship when two persons join together as a couple by an intimate bond, it is very common to expect ruptures regardless of love between them. Unlike people who openly communicate everything about each other, a few couples don't like to drag things to another level so that they expect such ripples to be vanished off gradually. So, is it a good thing or a bad thing in a relationship? Forget about the extremes of good and bad, these kinds of couples survive better in their relationships.

According to millennials and the Gen Z generation, this kind of holding back behavior to confess is considered as cowardness, manipulation, and being stuck up forcefully in a relationship. Needless to say, communication plays an important role in flourishing a beautiful relationship but don't you think too much of expressing causes damage to a couple especially when it leads two people to take a dig at each other every time they confess things sharply? Now arises another question that makes you wonder whether you need to react or stay calm even after knowing that your partner is guilty and not ready to confess, something which you know.

Have you ever observed when an old couple fight with each other, in which one person shouts at the other whereas the other person remains calm throughout the whole conversation and within a blink of an eye, everything comes to normal condition and you could witness the same old couple sharing food or doing chores together as if nothing has ever happened? Well, that only happens because one person knows that the other person is not confident enough to confess the mistake meanwhile the other person accepts the mistake by remaining calm or neutral instead of bursting out to cover up the mistake, or trying to confess and add extra fuel to the argument or the fight.