"When you find the One"...

Do you think everything changes when we find that one person in our lives as a partner? Do you think whoever steps in our life can change every single aspect? Is it possible to change the sexual orientation of a person by his/her partner? Unfortunately, the One person whom we think can fill our lives, can never get into the mind and change the way how we get attracted to people.

Asexuality is all about having zero opinions on sexual attractions and it is very hard to believe and understand when they come out as asexuals saying that they are completely disinterested in having sexual attractions. People, hardly listen to them and consider their feelings. The words of an asexual person always get a strike off when it comes to sexual life discussions. To the world, which runs on lusty affairs, understanding the concept of love without lust is hard to digest.

And this is the very reason, asexuals feel uncomfortable, unsafe and misunderstood whenever they open up about their feelings. Because, whenever they say that they can never have sexual attractions towards another person, people start giving unnecessary suggestions without properly understanding the mainstream of asexuality by simply spilling the common statement "When you find the One".