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When you ask your name in the middle of sex...

It undoubtedly gives one kind of affirmation to you and your sex partner. Is it needed? Yes, especially when some random stranger approaches you with the feeling of lust under the emotion of love. It is not at all a manipulative move. It is a move that helps you find out your exact position in your sex partner's mind.

Speaking of the term "Partner", you can have sex with any kind of person, be it your childhood friend, romantic lover, protective husband/caring wife, possessive ex, a person with no-strings-attached-contract and especially the ones who come with the tag of "love at first sight" or the ones who claim deeper feelings for you within no time. Anyone can be your sex partner consensually. But asking your name in the middle of sex gives you diversified results with every single one of them.

You don't have to ask your name to the people who already utter, whisper, and moan your name when they are inside you or during intercourse with them. It specifies that they desire you to the core, and they need every single inch of you and most importantly they know whom they are with. Generally, our friends, lovers, romantic partners, regular sex partners, spouses come under this category where they always chant our names during sex. They try to make conversations; they try to spice up the sensual roles by taking your name in an erotic mood and some of them simply love to call you by your name every time they make a sensual move. This kind of sexual behavior portrays the genuinity of a person and hence, there is no need of inquiring about your name during sex.

Now you may wonder, why does a person have to ask one's name during sex? Adeptly, it depends on one's mindset. Not everyone feels comfortable being treated as a nameless object in bed. If you are okay being nameless with your sex partner under any kind of circumstance, it is completely fine. But some people need to know whether the other person is completely into them or not. What's better and basic than confirming it by asking your sex partner to take your name?

No strings attached generally comes under one-night stand arrangements. A couple need not have to spill their names to each other for having sex. It is completely fine even the others don't know your name even after exploring you physically or sexually. Because that's how most of the one-night stands end and a person don't have to give a lot of thought about other person's details.

But the real twist in the tale comes here with the people who act as long-lost lovers, love at first sight storytellers, and intense romantic heroes and heroines. Yes, they need to be depicted sarcastically because their so-called love is intense lust. Hence, to fulfill it, they try to lure people with the aspect of love. Because eroticism is easy through romanticism. Unfortunately, some people can't recognize the difference between real and fake romantic emotions.

If you fall into the dilemma of whether the person with whom you are about to get physical or getting sexually engaged is truly into you or not, then asking this basic question help you find out the answer you look for. But there's a right time to do the right thing. Even though the sex is fabulously wild and intimately satisfying, sometimes we wander in our thoughts of bridging between romance and erotica. To stop such struggle in your bed, just ask your sex partner to take your name.

Psychologically when there are an adrenaline rush and elevations of sexual hormones, a person takes a lot of time to gather details especially the details which the person doesn't give a lot of thought about. So, if your so-called lovely sex partner is into you, genuinely, he or she easily takes your name even though your partner may feel weird for that sudden affirmation of yours. If not, he or she just stutters or stammer or pretends to be recollecting or simply say they couldn't remember.

If a person barely remember your name, especially when he or she sharing your bed sensually even after claiming that he or she is totally in love with you and purely desiring you to be his/her romantic partner or life partner or whatever, do you think that person is worth enough to beside you or inside you?

Surely not. Because mentally, a person tries to notice, observe, remember and ruminate the basic details of one's truly loving partner. If that's not the case then the person who claims to be loving you must be faking one's romantic emotions just to fulfill the materialistic and bodily pleasures.

Of course, you can act upon such cheater cocks and give them a befitting reply. You can either abruptly stop all the sex or throw that person out of your bed and life. Or else you can simply play the reverse game and get yourself completely satisfied by considering your sex partner as a sex toy and simply dump that person by giving a nice confrontation experience.

A simple basic question sometimes gives you deeper answers!

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