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When they don't feel the same way in return...

It sucks. It's inexplicable and hard enough to express but still, it is damn lovable, adorable and alluring enough. That's the beauty of loving a person completely from your side. Regardless of all the attributes of our life, most of us experience such love at least once in a lifetime. Strictly speaking, most of our high school sweethearts were once our crushes and some could be till our crushes to whom we never expressed our feelings. Any person's childhood, especially in the puberty phase, these budding feelings bloom upon a few others which make us end up mad and crazy about them, do ridiculous and stupid things just to impress them and at the end, we may even fail at them.

Fortunately, some people can make it up to express their feelings to their crushes and may end up having them as their partners. But, all the people who couldn't make it happen, shouldn't feel unfortunate. Because, the pain of not receiving what we expect to receive, always makes a person stronger and matured enough. And also teaches some of the best life lessons. Are you wondering how a person whom you have or had a crush on, could make your life better? Firstly, observe the deeper meaning of having a crush. That word itself portrays that he/she can be that person who perfectly able to crush all your feelings no matter what. So, before considering a person as your crush, just be prepared with the fact that the path could be painful and also pleasureful. That feeling of going near them or getting a message from them or being one of their invitees for their parties, makes you feel special and also nervous too. That's not fear, that's a mere form of anxiety which makes you feel conscious and cautious enough about every single detail of yours.

Your talking style, your accent, your appearance, your skills, your talents, everything starts getting matched with your crushes. Some do unintentionally and some purposefully do these tricks in the attempt of impressing or getting some attention from them. It is completely fine and you don't have to feel guilty or regret about it. If we like someone, we always try hard to make them feel loved or happy or satisfied and that's adorable to the core. But, maintain some limits. You can change your appearances, but you can never change your identity. And especially to impress someone, you shouldn't fake to get their attention. It will make your situation messier and who knows your crush may never turn up to at least look at you after he/she came to know about your fake personality traits. Hence, you can improvise your personality, but you shouldn't fake.

It would be so amazing if they start noticing you or talk to you or hang out with you but what if that doesn't happen? What if your crush is way out of your league? What if he/she never comes to know that you are crushing on him/her? What if you become mad about someone you like or love the most and they don't feel the same way in return? It's painful, but surely lesser painful than a person who dies out of hunger. This emotional pain is becoming a serious issue in society, especially in the Queer community. Some are open to society and some are closeted. Some are interesting and some are not. In this whole world, there are many kinds of people with various personalities and various attributes. There is no mandatory rule for other people to feel exactly like you. This creates emotional trauma.

We can have a crush on people. We can like them or even love them, but you must give up if the other person doesn't feel the same way in return because it's his or her choice at the end of the day. And if you never express your feelings and expect your crush to know about you, then it is stupidity and you don't have to feel rejected because of it. How can you expect a reaction without an action? And if the person whom you have a crush on doesn't respond in the way you wanted him/her to react, even then you shouldn't feel rejected. You might not be the one whom your crush is looking for. Why don't you think that you have a crush on the wrong person? You might get just physically attracted or sexually enticed or just infatuated with someone's interesting identity or appearance. And why don't you keep calm and step in the shoes of your crush to think from his/her side? And most importantly, why can't you know your self worth before taking someone completely into your nerves?

Just ask these questions to yourself. Your emotional condition gets better. Because when we like someone, extremism hits us to get that particular person in our lives or else to be with that person at any cost. This can be bad for you. Instead of hurting yourself and the person whom you have a crush on or like the most, you must consider practicality in the situation. And also, if you like someone, you must be in a situation to keep yourself in your priorities than them because if you don't love yourself, how can you expect others to love you. And also remember one thing, crushes are temporary and they can happen at any age. So do not focus on every single person whom you get attracted to. Simply, you don't have to care about the person who doesn't feel the same for you in return!

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