When the rides got rejected not cancelled...

Hyderabad is that one metropolitan city of India, which has to pull its socks up to set a proper queer lifestyle scenario. Unfortunately, the city is still sleeping in the ancient era and the people are feeling difficult to digest the normality behind the modern era, especially in queer culture. Hence, it is always fun for me to explore this fast-developing city to know that it is still underdeveloped in accepting the queer culture. Every time I perform some social experiments, this city always proves me right, that it takes more than a hundred years for the people in Hyderabad to understand the proper terminological differences existing in sexual orientation and fashion.

Surely, not degrading the people of Hyderabad, but disappointed with the backward behavior in such a forward fast-pacing city. After my birthday from the Pink city, I have been to the Capital city of Telangana, to spend some time with my people in Hyderabad and also for multiple purposes. The traffic in every metropolitan city has become a very common issue. Like other cities, even Hyderabad's traffic can make a person sick and fed up with vehicles and end up restricting time constraints. Though I wasn't working, being a visitor, even I felt the same, quite screwed up with the traffic and people who have zero traffic sense.

Hence, to my amazement and kind of annoyance, I came across this particular app called "Rapido" where one can hire bikes as taxis and happily reach destinations within no time or less time than usual cabs take. As many have suggested to me, I have downloaded just before I decided