When the bitterness around you steal your sweetness!

There is this common generalization, basically, a baseless assumption that goes around the queer culture, that all the queer people are aggressive and way too much to handle. This is one of the reasons for all the unnecessary queer-phobia in this world. If you are one among those people who feel embarrassed or conscious about making your presence beside a queer person, be it gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, or even just a drag performer, have you ever tried talking to that particular person and know what that person is, instead of judging him/her/them by just considering the appearances?

Hell, no! Most people don't even try approaching a queer person to know his/her side of the story. Instead, everyone likes to poke, tease, comment, criticize, hate, and ill-treat them with just an assumption, that queer people are a threat to the world. Until and unless you lead a proper open queer life, you can never understand the highs and lows of a queer person. The world sometimes gets too hard on a soft queer person which in turn makes that person harder and tougher, clearly unbearable at times!