When silence is the only answer...

Silence portrays a better meaning than a mouth full of words. One can conclude out of intense arguments, but no one can get proper clarity out of silence. Only love is capable enough to make conclusions out of silence and that depends on the strong emotional bond in a couple. Silence can be life-saving but at the same time, it can be extremely dangerous too. The weight of the silence can't be measured, but it can be understood. That's how telepathic conversations work between a couple by making silence as a channel of communication.

Silence plays a prominent role in a relationship or love or commitment or a bond. Various types of silences produce various kinds of meanings and let people understand various kinds of conclusions. Until and unless a couple has an unbreakable emotional bond between them, these silences can't be predicted, analyzed, and comprehended properly. If you have the impression that you maintain such an emotional bond with your partner, then you know how to react to each type of silence, your partner portrays in your relationship. Silence in a relationship is an invisible action that makes one's partner react to it particularly to make conclusions out of it.

Have you ever thought, why you take the initiative to kiss your partner after looking into his/her eyes for a certain period? In a true relationship, a couple knows when to pierce the silence, especially when they drown themselves in each other's eyes. There is no regulation of time for a person to kiss one's partner to break the silence, it just happens. If you love someone, you know when that person wants to be kissed. He/she doesn't have to ask for it, a silent stare with an appeal in the eyes and smile at the end of the lips says everything!

Have you ever observed couples controlling each other without uttering a single word, especially in public? Well, we all come across such couples in our families and mostly our relatives. Some dominative aunt controls her husband who always spills words and secrets to other people. Forget about who's dominative and who's submissive. This silence exchange between a couple says everything about their bond, rapport, and coordination. Those furrowing eyebrows, widened eyes, reddened cheeks, and sharp nose are all enough to express the silence without saying anything to control one's partner to maintain the stature according to the situation.

Some couples follow silence therapy. They don't talk to each other when there's a disturbance among them. They weirdly compose peace and do their activities in a normal way without talking to each other. They do everything silently and maintain no expression when they come across each other. These couples are hard to understand, and no outsider can predict what happens between them. Only, they know when to break their silences. Some go on for weeks and get back to normal as if nothing has happened. But some maintain the silence for hours and throw things at each other after some time and get back to the normal scene. Here, the silence act as the break or pause to act further. These couples claim this type of silence as space!

Have you ever got rescued by your partner in the middle of a happening party, just because you couldn't take those party vibes anymore because of your introvert personality and wanted to rush back to your home? Well, then you are fortunate enough to have an understanding partner. Generally, introverts play with silence all the time. They become utterly calm when they feel annoying or weird. So, in a couple, if one person is introvert and becomes silent, the other person gets a clear picture of discomfort which is being encountered by his/her partner and comes to rescue to end the silence through getting rid of the situation.

No one can imagine a cheerful person maintaining the sheer silence. If your extrovert and mingling partner becomes silent out of nowhere, then you need to worry that something is bothering him/her. Mostly, extroverts cover up their issues by leveling up their activities to keep themselves busy. But if they become silent, then you can expect a devastating storm in your relationship soon. To get rid of such unfortunate consequences, you must act on that silence. But if they become silent, then you can expect a devastating storm in your relationship soon. These kinds of worrisome situations are created by silence and also can be sorted out by the same silence. So, provide some space and allow the silence to break its nature of being silent.