When moods transform into mantras !

Well, I'm talking about Masturbation. How many times do you masturbate every single day? Please answer for yourself. And of course, married people are also included in this. Because, according to my research, married men and women masturbate more than singles these days. Time issues, partner restrictions, unhappy marital status make them to attract more to Porn and less to Person.

Masturbation is a pleasureful thing than intercourse. Trust me, using those dildos is way better than the dicks. No offense. It's true and to all those fuck boys, don't just assume that your dicks are weapons. Well, then whose dicks are weapons and whose boobs are fabulous? Porn stars? I know the answer is that. Switching on to the porn stars, how often do you watch porn? Do you like masturbating by watching porn simultaneously or do you still follow the old school technique of imagining your crush or some random Instagram Model like me? Wink, wink (laughs)

Fine, we do masturbate to get rid of those horny hormones, which kill us every time we see ourselves naked or else every time when we are alone. The skill of masturbation arises only when we are in the moods of relieving our stress, when we are sad or when we are super happy. Every person in the world opts masturbation as the technique to control the emotional side of them. Say it, any emotion, for some people, Masturbation is the answer. And if you think, masturbation is a sin, then from tomorrow stop eating and filling your tummy. Because, feeling orgasmic is necessary. At the end of the day, we are humans and we have to masturbate to control our sexual arousal, the stress and the over excitement too.

But what if, these moods convert into mantras? Mantras are the ones which we follow like rituals. Mantras are mandatory. Mantras are permanent and never going to be changed. For some, mantras are chantings. For some, mantras are rules and regulations and for some, mantras are inspirations.

Masturbation is all about dealing moods. But when these moods totally transform into Mantras? That's really a slow and time taking process. But when a person converts his moods into mantras, it may either reflect happiness or else it may become total disastrous. Masturbating is good for health when we perform it once in a while. If you are habituated to get into yourself by using your hand every day, then you it totally degrades you in many aspects.

  • You will lose interest on Sexual encounters.

  • You will feel yourself being quite enough to deal with your sexual pleasures.

  • You will feel guilty.

  • You will feel over religious. Every time something bad happens, you totally connect yourself with your excess masturbation.

  • You will feel weak and easily feel nervous (biologically)

  • You feel like masturbating even after having a perfect intercourse.

  • Your stamina levels will decrease. You hardly last for minutes and you climax soon.

  • You will be habituated of doing the same thing to get rid of your any emotion.

  • Your other alternatives will be slowly vanished, because by then, you will be totally addicted to your hand.

  • You will lose interest in talking to people, real people around you.

  • You just feel like roaming in that porno world and for you Porn stars are like gods.

No matter what kind of situation you will be in, you always try to find time to masturbate.

Finally, You will be addicted! And addictions are not so easy to deal and it takes a lot of time to get recovered.

The above mentioned feelings are my own personal feelings and experiences. I was a porn addict. I used to masturbate every single day, at least once. Dildos are my favorites. Sometimes, I used to end up masturbating more than four times a day too. It was necessary for me. I found it as an escape to deal any emotion of mine. That was okay, but I had to come out of it to see the real world.