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When magical love ends the logic!

If you are someone who is deeply focused and applies logic to your every life situation, you end up facing struggles in accepting the aspect of love, the way it is. Regardless of your upbringing and mindset, love is an emotion that can never be caged with any kind of logic and it always escapes out to make you flourish in any possible way. Romantically and unconditionally, love is a logic that can't be struck off with any other external logic.

Imagine you being a person who is always in dire need of someone who loves you the way you are, keep restricting yourself to engaging with someone who provides you the same by involving silly logic, then don't you think that you are going to miss out on that person if you extend your rigidity in your relationship? Allowing logic to kill the experience of magical love can ruin your love life and you may end up alone regretting your choice of logic over magic.

Yes, you must never depend on magic, and you can apply logic financially, psychologically, and even physically but if you extend it to your emotional self, those logical calculations kill you mentally. You can never feel a person as 'the one for you, at first sight; you need to experience that person to conclude it but if you distance yourself from someone who expresses love to you based on your inner struggles, lower self-esteem, and self-doubting personality, then you must understand that your logical brain is stopping your emotional heart to explore the extremes of love.

No one in this world can answer the question, "why do you love your partner" because that's baseless and you always end up with no clarity in your answer because that's the magic in love as it never lets you obtain particularity in an emotion. It's not a calculated theory; instead, it's a practical approach. So, don't beat yourself up too much in the search of logic behind why a particular person loves you the way you are!

No one can be sure of other people, especially in love. It just happens, and you need to get along with it without asking why and how. You may face challenges in accepting the fact of being loved but if you embrace it, you surely experience all the magic in and around you. It isn't childish, and you can't strike it off as rubbish. If you think that the magic of love is nothing but bullshit, then you must be immersed too much into the logic that never lets you encounter the emotion of love.

If you are an overthinker or someone who can't digest personal facts easily or someone reckless about the happenings of love then you must give some space to your heart and listen to it. Ask your brain to allow your heart to make a move, take initiation and try to understand the other person's feelings the way they feel for you. Comprehending others' feelings is important to know their position in your life and also to know your position in their life scenario.

If you care for someone unconditionally

If you accept them without judgments

If you adore them with all your heart

If you spend on them with no limitations

If you reach out to them whenever you feel low

If you lend your shoulder whenever they feel low

If you feel afraid of losing them

If you feel possessive when someone tries to hold the attention, you deserve

If you are ready to go to any ends to make them, feel safe and secure

If you want to keep them happy always

If you are scared of their sensitive mindset

If you want them always to be at your sight

If you like to be with them no matter what

If you can't bear the absence of that one person who loves you the way you are, then do you think that you haven't already fallen in love with that person. You don't have to express particularly when you already know what's happening with you in the context of romanticism in your life with a person.

Don't let logic ruin you because when love begins, the logic ends!

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