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When a Boy picks a Barbie...

Boys and Barbie dolls are such a deadly combination that many parents almost die when they see their kids with penises reaching out the stylish dolls in toy stores. Of course, a few parents don't mind giving their kids whatever they want but some parents get completely offended with their child's behavior. Not only parents but also everyone who is conservative and ignorant regarding the choices of others including innocent children. Yes, everything starts with dolls. At first, we choose them to play and make a part of our childhood, and those choices affect our future without our intervention and people play with us.

We all must start at one point. By default, our orientations, preferences, and lifestyle choices completely depend on our childhood. That's the first stage of life for any person. Foundations are important. But unfortunately, many children get controlled, suppressed, frustrated, opposed, and even molested by grownups. Do you know how important the childhood of a person is? You only know when you sit in front of a psychologist or a counselor asking you about your childhood to conclude to give proper treatment for you so that you can lead a better grown-up life further. But around 66% of parents don't get this simple point, especially when it comes to the parents of queer kids.

Who said parents wouldn't know anything? Come on, they are not that dumb to involve in reproduction to give birth to a child. They know everything; it's just some people, don't like accepting the facts because of various societal, family, and prestige issues. Did your mom try to lecture you whenever you choose dolls from the girls' section and tries to redirect you to the boys' section in the toy store? Do you have a memory of your dad scolding you when you asked for a Barbie doll kit because you loved braiding the doll hair? O my poor boy, your parents suppressed your choices and hence you became a different person than that innocent one who used to smile at fashionable dolls in the girls' section. Do you want to commit the same mistake again by controlling your kids' choices?

No one laid regulations in the constitution that toy stores mustn't sell Barbie dolls to boys. Then who the hell are you to stand in between of your boy and that doll your boy craves for? Just because you spend money on your kid's choice, it doesn't mean your kid must choose things which you like, right? Parents commit this silly mistake and claim themselves as the best parents in the world. Isn't it ridiculous? A good parent never suppresses one's kid's choices, especially in the aspect of toys. If you think this choice is simple and not a big deal, then you are wrong.

Little things do matter. Today it's between a boy and a Barbie doll. Tomorrow it will be between a guy and his artistic career choice. Later, it's going to be between a man and another man as his choice of love. These suppressions and controlling aspects go on throughout life and in the end, both parents and children suffer equally. Are you wondering how?

When a boy gets controlled by his parents because of their scolding, beatings, and other excessive disciplinary actions, that kid's booming mentality starts shrinking. He starts accepting the choices his parents make for him though he never likes them at all. He plays with other kids with superman toys but feels empty because unlike other kids, he can't get related to those superman powers. To convince his parents, he starts faking his emotions. He becomes sad. Conservative mindsets always try to make others accept their points and this cycle continues in career choices too because parents feel artistic and creative careers as useless. To convince his parents, he becomes something technical, and his mind also starts acting like a machine because by then all his emotions get drained out of his body. And when it comes to love, he gets habituated with his parent's choices. Hence, he either becomes a pervert who uses people for sex or else becomes someone emotionless and marries someone his parents choose, or in the worst case, he may psychologically get sick of him and end up his life.

A Barbie doll can cost your boy's life, dear parents. What happens if you give you a boy, a fashionable Barbie? Why do you have to be too judgmental, that only queer kids choose stylish girly or feminine toys? Who knows, your kid may want to be the next Fashionista? What's wrong if your boy comes out as gay or transgender or an exceptional drag queen? Isn't it good enough for your boy to have clarity, on his choices, orientation, and sexual preferences? Why do you have to act like a control freak to steal his happiness? Why can't you uplift your roles from parents to role models or supporters to your boy? Is it that difficult to go against your wishes and choices for the happiness of your boy whom you made out of love? Dear parents, please answer yourself these questions.

We are in the millennial era, and we still judge a boy child who loves to wear makeup and cocktail for his fancy dress competition in his school fest. We still allow our kids to bully the kids who have different choices. Allow your boy to wear makeup, wear tulle frocks, buy Barbie dolls and braid her hair, play cooking games instead of urging him to play with cars, and forcing him to mingle with other boys who are obsessed with superheroes. Please don't make the same mistake your parents did in your case. Teach your kids, that they don't have any right to judge other kids' choices. Teach yourself not to control your kids' choices. Your choice of suppressing influences your kid's choices in the future. Give him the best childhood, the non-judgmental one!

All you need to do is to step into the toy store and let your boy lead you before, while he makes his own choices. Whether it's a Barbie or a Batman, treat it as a toy and nothing else. Your freedom makes things get unfolded for your kid and make him a better person with better choices by having better parents like you as his best supporters. Every queer kid deserves a supporting parent!

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