What's your partner's definition of being complete?

Are you aware of it or do you even realize whether your partner is being complete to you or not? Strictly speaking, no two humans possess a similar kind of opinion in any context and the same applies to the definition of completeness too. But if you try to recognize and perceive, you can easily comprehend your partner's meaning of completing you, completing himself, and completing each other with the complete information in your relationship.

Communication plays a crucial factor in a romantic relationship, and it becomes worthy if and only if one's partner shares any kind of information completely. Now, your definition of complete may include the detailing but what if you miss details in your partner's so-called 'complete information? What if your partner may dilute, filter, and sort the information out, and communicate with you so that you would believe whatever your partner says must be true and complete. Don't you think the different definitions of being complete may manipulate two people to come under some insignificant relationship?

Well, if two people can't complete each other with complete information related to one's personal and emotional relationship, then that particular bond comes out as plain incomplete and one fine day, that love based on false and misguided completeness may break off forever. But before that happens for good and before realizing it to rectify the relationship, one must completely focus on one's partner's definition of being complete.

A relationship makes two incomplete people come together to complete each other with the inclusion of similarities and balancing of differences. This process becomes fruitful when a couple maintains the same pace to be on the same page to share things by maintaining the same level of clarity to eradicate further and future consequences. If you are passionate about your partner and true to your romantic bond, you must be a person who imbibes completeness by being clear, confident, and comfortable in sharing every exclusive detail that helps you to create a beautiful relationship with your partner. So, before anything else, be true to your definition of being complete instead of expecting it from your partner.