What's wrong in being pusillanimous?

Don't be a pussy! How often do you face this particular phrase by your near and dear or some strangers? How do you feel about it when someone compares you with a pussy cat? Well, currently this slang is getting completely converted into sexually provoking and enraging by comparing pussy with female genitalia. Regardless of gender, people use this phrase on each other. Pusillanimous is portraying the lack of courage, afraid, or showcasing a timid personality.

Is there a rule mentioned in the constitution that every person must be courageous enough to sacrifice one's life or to defeat others or to fight against all the odds? If that's the scenario, we hardly need police and defense departments supporting various governments all over the world. Forget about the world, consider the LGBTQ+ community as the main scenario. Do you believe everyone in the community is capable enough to participate in pride or shout out slogans or to design protest agenda to fight against this demeaning society? Hell, no! Not every person in the community should be an activist and people who don't raise their voice aren't cowards. If you know that no two persons have a similar personality, how do you expect everyone to be brave enough to stand out there and showcase their daring and dashing personalities?