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What's wrong in being pusillanimous?

Don't be a pussy! How often do you face this particular phrase by your near and dear or some strangers? How do you feel about it when someone compares you with a pussy cat? Well, currently this slang is getting completely converted into sexually provoking and enraging by comparing pussy with female genitalia. Regardless of gender, people use this phrase on each other. Pusillanimous is portraying the lack of courage, afraid, or showcasing a timid personality.

Is there a rule mentioned in the constitution that every person must be courageous enough to sacrifice one's life or to defeat others or to fight against all the odds? If that's the scenario, we hardly need police and defense departments supporting various governments all over the world. Forget about the world, consider the LGBTQ+ community as the main scenario. Do you believe everyone in the community is capable enough to participate in pride or shout out slogans or to design protest agenda to fight against this demeaning society? Hell, no! Not every person in the community should be an activist and people who don't raise their voice aren't cowards. If you know that no two persons have a similar personality, how do you expect everyone to be brave enough to stand out there and showcase their daring and dashing personalities?

Especially in the queer community, many people don't want to talk about their inner struggles, emotions, and feelings to other people. Unlike activist personalities, they don't open up soon or take an initiation. Of course, every person in the community has the responsibility to speak out to bring a change in society. A few people can be able to cross the limitations; a few people don't want to cross the limitation and a few people don't know how to do that. People who fight are activists, people who don't want to fight are ignorant and play safe, but people who can't fight are always considered as useless, timid and always get suppressed by stronger forces.

Okay, how many of you have cracked jokes on a shy person or an introvert or a person who talks less or a person who can't initiate things due to lack of openness, knowledge, and courage? Yes, we all come under that constraint which bullies the people who showcase their timid personalities. Why do we have to do that for any person inside or outside the community? It is acceptable that coming out of the closet is a brave thing to do, and you may consider yourself as warriors. But that doesn't mean, closeted people or people who are new to the community or people who start realizing their orientation, must be attacked by you! Stop bullying!

In homosexuals, especially gay, few people are physically weak, mentally confused, psychologically fearful, financially unstable, and emotionally fucked up. These are the ones who always get treated as pusillanimous in the community. The same thing applies to lesbians, especially the confused ones and who are newly recognizing their orientations. Instead of supporting them, most of the so-called stronger ones try to point out their flaws and bully them. This is completely unfair on the part of the community. You must remember one thing that the person on whom you are cracking jokes, is also a fellow queer person whose opinion is as important as yours.

We all do one meaningless thing, without knowing the story and background of a person, we directly start poking into their issues and pull their legs. If someone does that to you, you won't remain calm right. You either give a befitting reply or else punch them in their faces because you are capable of doing that. But not everyone can be like you. A few people can't elevate their voices and raising hands has a zero role in their lives. So, don't you think you need to stand for them against others instead of standing opposite to them by taking a place of a bully? If you are so capable of setting things right and who can fight for the community, show your tactics in supporting a timid person, because your support is quite needed for such people to boost them up further.

Because of these internal community issues, many queer people, especially the closeted and the weak, are facing troubles every single day. If this is the scenario, how can you expect a person to come out of the closet? Who takes the risk to be open up themselves when they see threats right in front of their faces? Do you step out of the home if you know a lion is waiting outside? Similarly, the closeted ones will never open up if they encounter such bullies inside the community. Outside community is a constant threat that everyone faces daily and no one wants to face the same scenario inside the community and with the fellow queer people.

Stop calling them pussies. Stop being dick heads. Start encouraging, supporting, and empowering the fellow queer people who are weak in various possible ways. Don't expect the upliftment of the community until and unless you take initiation to uplift or help the needy. Introverts, shy people, deeply effeminate, people who have a lack of money and education aren't weak. They just need support or a shoulder to lean on to open up themselves. There is no wrong in showing a lack of courage or being timid. Hence, instead of oppressing people who can't fight for the community, start using your tactics to move the asses of people who don't want to fight for the community. That way, you have a chance of portraying your brave personalities.

If you think you are weak, you aren't alone. All you need is support and it completely depends on you whether to open up or not but try opening up yourself to have a colorful life ahead. Choose the right person who can convert you from being weak to strong. You don't have to worry about the bullies because there's no wrong in pusillanimous! Always remember, some kings lose their lives by sacrificing in war fields, and some retrieves from the same war fields to protect their kingdoms. Both are correct, no one is wrong!

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