What's losing virginity in the queer community?

Do you believe in the aspect of Virginity? Or else are you among those millennials and Gen X kids who strike off the unclear facts of this invisible thing called Virginity? No matter whoever you are, you must face this word at one point of your lifetime, because this particular cliche concept is formed way before our arrivals on this earth. Virginity is not a part of the body, hence losing it, or having it, doesn't make any sense, until and unless if it is considered as the state of a person before getting physically or sexually engaged through intercourse.

With the changing of times, this concept has also evolved day by day. From being strictly confined to a girl's physical intercourse status to creating confusion in the younger generation, this word has created too many ripples in many people's lives. Previously, this word is typically used to let a person know privately or publicly, whether he/she has never engaged in sexual intercourse or not, especially in heterosexuals. Hence, after a while, people started believing losing virginity is all about having sexual penetration, strictly speaking, when a penis enters the vagina for the first time, it is considered to be as an act of losing virginity.