What's liking girls in a gay way!?

There's one common question that pops up in every typical straight man's mind whenever he encounters a bunch of girls with gays, "Why girls like hanging out with gay boys or homosexual men?" And personally many gays out there get questioned regarding their chemistry with the female crowd. Sometimes it's inexplicable for any gay guy to explain this piece of information to people because some pure relationships and rapports can't be explained. Simply, they just happen like any other bonds. Girls and Gays get along splendidly, anytime, and anywhere. Period!

Being gay doesn't mean that a particular male can't like or love or get attracted to females. Indeed, every gay likes girls, fall in love with them and try to grab some attention from them. The only thing is, all these acts don't include the sensual, romantic, and erotic aspects. So if a gay guy tells his girl bestie, that he loves her much, that completely he loves her the way her father cherishes her. It's purely unconditional. (though conditions like shopping, dressing, bitching, checking out guys are applicable)

Girls feel safe and secure when they are with and around gay guys. This is not only because they think they won't get molested or sexually abused, but also they think it would be fun, relatable, and engaging to have a man who can understand their personalities, tantrums, and traits.