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What is the final destination of our feelings?

Feelings are visible emotions, yet in an invisible way. Various kinds of feelings have various effects on people in our life. A person can never feel the same way with two people. Feelings are like fingerprints. They are unique and so lively. The difference is very minimal, but still exists. That's the dark side of feelings. But when they are portrayed perfectly, one could feel the beauty of those feelings. Feelings in terms of romanticism are all about expressing Love, Lust, and Confusion too. As we always work towards love, we should find the final destination of our feelings which results in life's biggest changes, especially in our love life.

No matter whatever the emotion might be, it must be delivered correctly and must be portrayed to the correct person. Feelings are easy when you deal in a simple communicative way and they become harder if you allow others behalf of you or you go through the wrong channels to express your feelings to the person whom you want to be feeling those feelings. It's not at all complicated, but sometimes, out of confusion and procrastination, we mess up things by wrongly delivering and portraying our feelings. This happens in every relationship between any two people, be it parents and kids, partners, couples, and most importantly between personal love and romantic relationship.

A person should make people feel for the things which he/she felt for. That is the ultimate goal of handling feelings. A good music performance or a theme dance or a controversial play can move people and touch their hearts. This is because the performers strive hard to make people feel what they felt for a certain topic in society or what they feel about themselves. And that is when a performer's performance can be noted as the ultimate one. The final destination of any person's feelings is the heart of the other person. It is not mandatory to convince every single person with your feelings, but when you can convince and mold a person whom you want to express your feelings particularly, you reach the goal of expressing feelings very easily. Because that person's heart would be the final destination of your feelings.

Any relationship works on expressing feelings in the way how they need to be expressed. If you are pissed off at someone whom you hate the most, talking sweetly can never help you vent out your anger on them. If you are angry at someone, portray it with all the limitations and also if you are in love with someone, show it to them with all your skills and limitations again. Because limitless feelings always lead to misleading outcomes. Like, you may end up in jail for bashing someone just to express your anger or you may end up being over-possessive and insecure if you show too much of love for a person. Hence, a person should handle his/her feelings in a controlled way through a perfect channel.

Speaking about channels, we humans sometimes feel scared of people or accepting their rejections and hence we choose various unnecessary channels to deliver our feelings to the person whom we want to feel our feelings. We allow many people between us and the person whom we love. Because of those channels, our feelings get diluted and they get portrayed in a completely different way. Hence, to make people feel our feelings and emotions, we must directly tell them and show them what we feel. That too, in a way that they can get related to it and in return feel exactly how we feel for them. That's it. This is how one should reach the ultimate goals of one's feelings without any involvement of others and unnecessary channels and protocols.

As mentioned earlier, feelings are our emotions. If we can move people and make them feel what we felt, that's how we become successful in showcasing our feelings. These feelings reflect our personality and our thoughts. And everything is interconnected and interlinked and hence the outcomes also vary according to our feelings. Our feelings for Love. Lust and Confusion reflect exactly in the way how we convey. If we see someone with a pure form of Lust and wanting them in your bed, then you shouldn't expect emotional connections because lust is all about getting physical. If you are a confused soul and you double bitch in love or you get confused with investing emotions on one person, then you will be forever confused and left all alone at the end. If you love someone to the core and you express and make them feel for you, you will be loved regardless of your abilities and looks, whatever.

It depends on us. Again, it's simple. We get what we give. Your feelings should match your expectations, if you are expecting a perfect relationship out of your confused state, that's never going to happen. Hence, to reach the ultimate goal of your feelings, you must target the person whom you want to feel for and express your feelings directly to him/her. Regardless of the results, you will be still satisfied with your efforts and you will be happy no matter what.

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