What is short, Love or forgetting it?

We all know the answer but we don't acknowledge it and most of us don't want to accept the harsh fact about the span of emotions. We all think the emotion of love is eternal but indeed, it's not. Strictly speaking, how many of you still recall every single day of your romantic relationship regardless of the number of people you romantically involved with? But, we all remember the endings and every detail in and around that particular moment where the relationship reach the dead-end. Do you know why?

Psychologically, emotionally and physically, we humans are designed to remember things that hurt us the most though some of us don't get hurt while breaking up with one's partners, the feeling of guilt, the feeling of sadistic ease, the feeling of disappointment, the feeling of looking forward to the better future, make us all remember the endings of every relationship in a very core manner. The most pinching part is, we all know our next step is to forget the person we once used to love and who meant so much personally. Well, that's everlasting.

If you think you can forget your ex/exes and move on in your life without letting a trace of him/her/them, affect you, then you should consider yourself a fool because that particular thing will never be going to happen. Forgetting is eternity and it happens only when we reach our graves. But, at the same time, do you think the people around you or who knows you deeply and personally, forget about the romantic bonds you created on this earth? Hell, no! So, what is short? Love, or forgetting love?

It sounds so depressing when we realize that love is so short and that's where we all go wrong. Instead of recognizing the days, months, and years of our relationships, we all count breakups. This is the very reason, why we let the aspect of forgetting an intimate bond, long-lasting. Surely, forgetting one's partner is a never-ending process but that doesn't mean you can't be happy, satisfied, and loved one more time.

We read all those motivating quotes which start with, "Life is short" and end with an inspirational message. Most of us feel connected and related, some of us try to follow and very few of us make that quote become true one day. Why don't we apply the same rule for "Love is short"? Why do we always have to consider it to be forever and ever? It's not a pessimistic approach to consider the emotion of love as short. It's a practical approach that makes a person flourish forever with or without the person whom he or she loves.

It starts with attraction, turns into an infatuation, engages a person physically and emotionally, make two people get into a romantic bond, then to a commitment which is hard to break, and at the end, if two people are truly into each other, they stay together, not completely out of love, but out of responsibilities, societal and family pressures and sometimes just for being with a person till getting old. (it may be out of love too)

Unfortunately, for some, it abruptly ends, and the phase of forgetting starts very early. Sometimes, that phase can also blend with a blooming phase of new relationships and new commitments. We ignore, we control, we reject, we respect, we leave, we deny, we lose, we try, we fail, we move on but we can't forget. And that's the underlying fact of the emotion of love! Though love is short-lived and can be felt for a very specific period, its influence is too much to handle and hence, we can never forget whom we love, no matter what.

Love isn't short, actually, and sorry for tricking you out. It's indeed eternal in making us revolve around it in one or the other way. Forgetting people whom we love is also a kind of love. It's just another side of love, which is mostly sad. If you accept this minute detail of this eccentric love, you can easily find the happy side of love one more time in your life and that's how many people find their loved ones, though they witness the sad side of it with their past loved ones.

If you treat, love as short, you may find it practically possible to cherish it forever. If you treat forgetting as just a sad and short phase of love, you may experience the emotion of love, again in your life. Basically, all the emotions are short-living, but their consequences are long-lasting. Hence, why don't we try living the consequences for shorter periods to experience the emotion of love for longer spans?