What is short, Love or forgetting it?

We all know the answer but we don't acknowledge it and most of us don't want to accept the harsh fact about the span of emotions. We all think the emotion of love is eternal but indeed, it's not. Strictly speaking, how many of you still recall every single day of your romantic relationship regardless of the number of people you romantically involved with? But, we all remember the endings and every detail in and around that particular moment where the relationship reach the dead-end. Do you know why?

Psychologically, emotionally and physically, we humans are designed to remember things that hurt us the most though some of us don't get hurt while breaking up with one's partners, the feeling of guilt, the feeling of sadistic ease, the feeling of disappointment, the feeling of looking forward to the better future, make us all remember the endings of every relationship in a very core manner. The most pinching part is, we all know our next step is to forget the person we once used to love and who meant so much personally. Well, that's everlasting.