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What is Millennial is all about? Age or Attitude?

The word Millennial is in a boom in the current scenario in every sector which represents Generation X. This includes people who born from the late 1980s to early 2000s. This generation acts as the bridge gap between Generation Y and Generation Z. This Millennial generation witnessed transformations in every field and industry. Science and technology, fashion and mindsets, everything have changed and the millennials got the wonderful chance to explore the extreme sides of these changes. Millennials are indeed walking examples of people who faced drastic changes in inflation in a country.

Hence, we millennials always relate those olden days to present days to compare the ratio of changes in every single possible thing. The love life of millennials includes both Old school love and Virtual Love. These are the people who have adopted many cultural changes which came in their path during their grown-up periods. These all changes made millennials, the capable people to handle whatever situation, it might be and deal with any kind of industry with the utmost ease.

Millennials are often treated as smarter ones and the people who can understand either of the extremes of a particular situation or a theory. Therefore, millennials are the people who are ruling the world currently with their easy handling skills. People either want to be millennial or they want to criticize millennials. You can hate them or love them, but you can never ignore them. Millennials are considered as the top preferences to handle any kind of issue in any kind of industry. The scenario has changed in a way that the financial investors are interested to invest in companies which have a large number of millennials. Thanks to our millennial capabilities. But this is making people either scared or insecure. Many old people are trying to convince themselves by acting as younger ones to fit in the shoes of millennials and in the same way, many young people acting matured enough to make an impression in people's mind as a smart millennial.

Unfortunately, this is becoming sick every day and many people started faking to fit in the millennial sector. People are becoming fraudsters and facing many issues personally and professionally. Because everyone is just thinking about the age factor. Everyone wants to fall in between 1981 to 1996 just to make sure that they can be treated as a true millennial to understand their working capabilities. That's so untrue and irrelevant. Millennial is not about age. It's about knowing both edges of a situation and acting according to the knowledge to bridge the gap in between them with knowledge, smartness, and talents. Because the only attitude count is the attitude which can deal with things easily.

Your attitude in dealing with any particular situation shows your skills, capabilities, talents, and smartness. If you think that your gray hair or your patchy beard is not capable of accomplishing a task, then you are completely wrong. Age doesn't matter in fulfilling our desires and goals. Our attitude towards dealing any problem or endeavors show our true millennial soul. Instead of thinking about fitting in the shoes of a millennial, act like a millennial indeed by considering yourself as one with that curious mindset of yours and especially the attitude to attain any goal which is assigned to you.

If you want to understand the real struggles of a person to act like a millennial just to earn some money, fame, and love, you must watch the television series called "Younger" in which the main character named "Liza Miller", is a 40-year-old woman strives too hard to act like a millennial to get into the Book publishing company by working with many millennials around. The journey is too difficult and sometimes ended up in pathetic situations. She loses her friends, family, love, job and many things. But she gets all of them back when she starts embracing her age exactly by revealing to the whole world. She has an attitude of a millennial, which make her explore the world with new and true perspectives without faking.

Like her, there are many people in every community and every industry. Coming to the LGBT community, many people have sex and age preferences. That's common, but some of them feel embarrassed about their age for being too young or too old to date someone who is a fucking hot and smart millennial. Instead of faking the age perspectives, keep it real by elevating the attitude which can handle any kind of person regardless of age. Because everyone likes the way how you approach, how you understand and how you deal with another person or any situation. That's what a millennial is all about. Dealing with things in a smart yet skillful way.

One need not have to worry about the age of the features which defines the age. One must cherish aging in a normal way rather than getting worried unnecessarily and faking things to just fit in the millennial sector. Your attitude shows your personality. People have also changed with science and technology. Nobody cares about your features or your age, they care about your personality and your handling capabilities.

Everyone is a fucking millennial if they have the right attitude!! Hence the answer is Millennials are all about attitudes, not age factors!! Note it!

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