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What if we haven't met...?

This is the one common question which pops up in every person's mind who is related to Love and its consequences. The usage and situations may differ, but the question remains the same. Some may use it in a happy way and some poses this in sad context. Though the question is same, the answers for this particular question, drastically differs from one person to another.

The funny part is this is one kind of hypothetical question and people choose to answer this question in an intense way. On a serious note, this question is ridiculously effective. Travelling to the past and questioning the future by taking the present situations into consideration is the perfect elaboration of this question. Yeah, it's deep.

People get into deeper conversations within themselves or with others only when they feel either utmost happy or severely painful or they get drunk. Of course, happiness and sadness are the reasons behind being drunk though. Love is that one emotion which makes a person feel every other emotion. Sometimes, people who haven't felt any of the emotions in their lifetime will surely feel them because of Love. That's the power of the word called "Love".

What if we haven't met? We usually ask this question to our soul or to our Soulmate. Again, asking ourselves is a sad thing and asking our Soulmates is a happy thing. The sensitive emotion of love can be dealt with the souls and nothing else, no matter how stone-hearted a person is. Regardless, a person's nature, Love has the ability to change any kind of person to connect to one's soul with others. But, on the contrary, it also has the same ability to change any person to disconnect oneself from one's soul. Understanding the concept of love is difficult, but it seems easy only if we do have answers for the questions.

What would be the answer for this particular question? How can someone scrutinize the current situation and estimate the future by thinking about the past? It's all a confusion, drama. Yes, Love is indeed a lusty confusion sometimes. But answering this question may give solutions to the people in sad and satisfaction for people who are happy.

In a sad context, this question can be posed by the people during breakups or when they realize the mistake of getting into someone's life which they shouldn't. It would be good if I haven't seen your profile on dating app. I think this relationship couldn't have started if I would have ignored your messages like I used to do for others. I wouldn't have taken quick decisions in analyzing you. I shouldn't have ignored other people who approached me. I should have just met you for a hook up or one night stand and end it then and there. I might have met someone else who can understand me or still be single if I wouldn't have committed to you. My life could be less miserable if I haven't met you. I could have achieved something better in my career rather than focusing on our fragile relationship. I would have enjoyed my freedom and could do whatever I wanted to do. I made a mistake falling for a wrong person. I should have checked once before falling for your words without considering actions.

These all are most of our inner thoughts when we ask this question to ourselves or sometimes we may spill all these bitter questions on our partners during arguments or when we finally decide to end the toxic relationships. But surely answering to this question is like questioning even more, but still people find solutions in the form of complete breakups or the improvement in one's relationship (in a positive way)

On an optimistic note and a brighter side, this question may also boost up the relationships or simply crash the whole concept of love if someone goes deeper. What if we haven't met!!!

That extreme usage of exclamation marks totally changes the scenario behind the phrase, because that wouldn't be a question anymore. It would be a statement of Love. Usually, this arises when we are deeply, madly in love with our partners or else for a romantic date night or on the wedding day while raising the toast.

How my life could be without you? How am I supposed to manage all my works without you? Could I ever meet someone like you in my life? You are the best and most understanding one I ever met in my life. Meeting you is always a miracle. You are like my sunshine and always been a ray of hope. I would have regretted my whole life If I wouldn't have taken an initiative in texting you and asking you out. I could have been the saddest person if you would have rejected me. I'm lucky enough to share the same similarities and accept the differences of each other. I'm glad that we understand one another and we act accordingly to each others wishes. My life would have been a big mess without you. You introduced me to the world of Love and elevated the emotional side of mine. And many romantic, adorable and unending phrases of love can be the answers for that expressive phrase.

Life is so strange, languages are stranger and the people's perceptions are the strangest ever. We use the same words and the same phrases in different situations and different tones to get various answers and explanations. At the end of the day, it totally depends on the emotions that revolve around the word Love. In love, a person can be happy and boost up one's energy levels to give the best in one's life in every possible way. During breakups and hard phases, a person can be sad and totally degrade one's objective of looking the life and the drama. But a person can find some good solutions to come out of the bad moods and try to settle further by searching for love again. The process won't stop and the question won't change too!! The common fact is, no matter a person is happy or sad because of love, it always transforms a person into a better one any day any time (unless we are hopeless)

So, express this question whenever it is needed, to yourself or to others. Express the emotions. That's what love is all about. Embrace it with all the embarrassing moments in life. Love heals and energizes any person. Love is Love regardless any factor.

Thanks for reading my 100th blog post on EverydayQueerLife - Your Hemuu with Love...!

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