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What happens if you wait too long to act?

Relationships can be manipulative regardless of the strength of the bond between two individuals, especially who involve in a romantic relationship. And this happens only under the name of love and the sheer feelings or emotions in the world of love. Because, the constraints of trust, happiness and being loved by someone can sometimes act as barriers for a person to act something against the will of his/her partner's choices or happiness or lifestyle. This issue is quite common in most of the relationships and when it comes to the queer community relationships, the impact could be higher when compared.

If you love a person deeply, we think twice to say something by assuming it may hurt our loved ones. Generally, this happens in a very starting stage of a relationship or commitment. For some, this vanishes day by day and a couple gets so habituated to each other's lows and highs, in the end, they stop taking negative impacts seriously, which is good progress in a relationship. But few people continue to give a damn about how his/her partner reacts to their opinions. This very particular thing may lead to serious conditions later in a relationship which surely disturbs the harmony of a romantic relationship.

If you love your partner to the core, you must be comfortable enough to speak whatever you have in your mind without hesitation. If your partner understands or tries to understand you, it would be well and good. If not, you should give a second thought about your relationship with a person who doesn't value your emotions, feelings, passions and many more. But, in an assumption of breaking up things and ending up alone by encountering things differently without having a person to love, people take time, indeed waste a lot of time to act or react to something which bothers them.

So, what do you think you will gain if you do so? What will you get if you hide your emotions and feelings about something which sets you free if you reveal? What will happen to your mental peace if something irks you about your relationship or a person you are in love with? Strictly speaking, a person ends up being mad or losing one's self or simply become a love puppet, if he/she wait for too long to act. It's not good for both the couple and also for the people around them.

You may feel quite a misery and despair if you get to know that you should have acted away longer before things get messed up, instead of waiting for too long to take an initiation to set your life on your terms. Yes, the feeling of guilty kills a person when he/she comes to know that his/her assumptions made him/her act foolishly late. In this case, no one is an exception. We all face the same guilty situation in any one of our relationships or commitments we make in our life.

Fortunately, if you get a person who understands you to the core and accepts to walk with you in good and bad, no matter what, then you don't have to wait longer or waste your time in expressing something which bothers you or something which you loves to share. Because understanding partners understand your every situation until and unless you take a cunning advantage out of it. But how many of us, could tend to believe that we have such an understanding partner who can make things easier for us? None of us, believe that because we humans always complain even though our love-life goes perfectly well.

No one can understand you in the first attempt you make, including your romantic life partners. It takes time, proper explanation and ability to make others understand your issue, to forwards things further in a relationship. If you wait too long to act, either you end up being in a relationship with a wrong person or feel like dumb for wasting a lot of time by not expressing it in beforehand to your understanding partner. So, the fact is, you always end up hurting yourself mentally and physically which leads to so many unwanted and unnecessary consequences of life, if you wait for too long to act.

To save a relationship or to be with a person whom we love deeply from our side or simply not ready to lead a life without a partner, we humans, waste a lot of time to express things which bother us to our loved ones. We are afraid of failing at relationships or leaving a person or being left out alone from the crowd, hence, we psychologically submit ourselves for time to wait for people to understand or change or recognize or realize our efforts or our true love. This may ripen up the situation to the core and make you feel difficult after some point of time and it may weaken your emotions too.

Why all this drama when you know that you can deal with a person or feelings or emotions by acting on time and getting solutions regardless of the outcomes? Think properly, what if your partner leaves you or you end up leaving your partner after all the waiting for your partner to act or wasting time for you to act to sort things? You feel surely disgusted and ridiculous to waste time on a person who doesn't deserve you. Instead, why don't you act in time and conclude soon after you feel something is missing in your relationship? You may either break up or you may sort things out instead of all the wastage of time, emotions, feelings, career, dreams, passions and wishes to fulfill. In the end, at any point in time, you must face the consequences on your own! So, act on time and do not delay in expressing your emotions. Period.

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