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We're all stories in the end...

I still remember my childhood dating days and I will always cherish them and because of those days, the love towards coffee has also been escalated and now I can proudly say that I'm a Coffee addict. That's my drug and being an Indian, the first place which strikes in mind when I say the word coffee is "Cafe Coffee Day", the largest coffee chain in India with multiple stores all around the India indeed every nook and corner of India. This place has been one of my favorite places till date and in fact this is the place which has introduced me wide varieties of coffee range in my teenage and there are many cafe coffee day spots I have been visiting since my 13 to hang out with hell lot of guys for coffee dates.

Indeed, most of the Indians start their dating stories from this place because coffee dates are basic meeting sessions for any blossoming relationship and Cafe Coffee days are the most opted places for coffee dates because they are available at every place. But many of us surely wonder, at least once in our lives that Why these CCDs pop up in every city, every mall, every corporate buildings and many metro stations. Well, that's how the CEO of Cafe Coffee Day has managed to make a cup of awesome coffee available to people all over India including many remote places and on highways. Was it a mistake on his part to think about making his brand available to people whenever and wherever they need? Or else is it mere greediness to expand the brand to get name and fame?

Whatever the reason might be, now we can't pose this question to the person who was the founder of the Cafe Coffee Day chain in India. Because, he is no more. Yes, by now his body would have gotten cremated in his hometown in Karnataka. V G Siddhartha has committed suicide because of the immense pressure from the lenders, corporate businesses, tax officials and many people who asked many weird, annoying, disgusting and irrelevant questions regarding the expansion of his coffee chain. He didn't kill himself. Humanity had killed him indeed. He is not a coward to give up on his life. He was one of those brave persons who took a decision to end his mental trauma which was overflowing his capabilities to handle the societal pressures.

What's with these annoying people who questions and judges when a person is alive and mourns after the death of a person. Aren't we supposed to support others when they are alive rather than talking about them after their death. Well, I'm feeling myself as a stupid to write this blog on the person who has critically acclaimed by the business tycoons from whole over the world because of his work, his collaborations, his ideologies and his business skills. I'm hardly a business graduate who has done some research on his brand when I was in my college. I'm definitely less to share my thoughts about him because he is more than more. But my love towards the CCDs and its wide varieties of Coffee has made me express my views about this person.

His story is not motivational because he himself is an inspiration to all those people who wants to start their food chains or any business with a lot of dreams. Who says money gives everything. Though VG Siddhartha is a billionaire, his once a successful business story has ended up with a mountain of debt on his head and hell lot of criticism and financial pressures which led to his death. It's a story that came to an end. Regardless, happy or sad endings, every person's life becomes a story at the end. We can just share the story with each other through many sources, but we can't get back the main character of the story back to live, no matter how many sources we use. That's life. That's a pity for someone but at the same time, that's a relief for people who has faced a lot of societal pressure.

It's surely not easy to give up on ourselves because a person gives up on something only after too many multiple efforts to make things get back to the shape. If a person feels nothing can be done, no matter what, he choose the bravest path to breathe one last time after reminding all his accomplishments, failures, people and his whole life. V G Siddhartha left a heart touching letter which makes everyone shed tears for him and his struggles. He was and still a successful business man of India and his coffee places will never go out of style in welcoming people for every single occasion of life.

Being a most visited customer, a business student and an aspiring human, with a proud feeling, here I bid a bye to him and totally wish for the peace of his soul and also sorry on behalf of the vanishing humanity to lose such a business gem like him. We miss you for sure, but we will never miss a hot cup of coffee from Cafe Coffee Day no matter wherever we travel in India. Proud to present a small article as a tribute for your contribution to business industry of India behalf of Everydayqueerlife because your coffee is also part of many people's everyday queer life. Proud of you !!

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