Ways to talk about the elephant in your "bed-room"

This particular idiom is both important and controversial too. Some use this to get clarity, and some use this to create confusion. Everyone wants to know and talk about the elephant in the room though it is invisible because here the elephant is metaphorically compared to some intense and serious issue. What if that particular critical issue is between a couple and what if the elephant occupies its space in the bedrooms of couples, especially the queer couples.

Unlike heterosexual couples, the queer couples encounter various intimate, sexual, sensual, physical, mental issues in their bedrooms when they try to explore each other in every possible way and there are many chances for a person to experience some sort of unusual, weird, annoying, unexpected, unpredictable and unfortunate incidents with one's partner while sharing one's bed. A very few people among us take initiation to talk about anything to sort things out but some people get stuck with thousands of thoughts in mind because they are unaware of the ways to talk about the elephant in the room. But if you don't talk about it, that elephant may crush you under its heavy weighted feet.