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Ways to tackle Possessiveness in a relationship...

Limitations are always good for the mental health of a person, especially in the aspect of emotions. A meal which is overcooked always remains as a useless one and a person who is over possessive, always remain alone for a whole life. Both scenarios are proven in many situations. Love is the reason for the birth of possessiveness. A positive feeling always comes with some side effects in the form of negative or diverting emotions. Strictly speaking, we humans don't trust our parents sometimes, though they shower unconditional love on us. A positive feeling with a negative side effect. Likewise, in a relationship, though love exists in a full-fledged, somewhere in the corner of our hearts, we feel possessive and also insecure about our partners. These little things always ruin any fruitful relationship, hence a person or a couple must handle their emotion of being possessive in the right way to get rid of wrong consequences.

  • Well, to tackle possessiveness, one must be aware of the reasons and the place where the thought has been aroused. It might be you or might be your actions or it just might be your partner or his/her assumptions. You must search for reasons like how you search for a hole or leak. The reasons could be ridiculed and timid, but still, they become big if you neglect.

  • Generally, in a relationship, the fragrance of love must be always fresh and a couple must remember embracing and addressing each other with love not as a routine. However, your partner may feel possessive if you embrace or address someone else more than required. Possessiveness is a good emotion that makes people stay together and make people control themselves to give their best in a relationship. But the excessive amount of possessiveness makes people breaking up their paths apart.

  • Possessiveness is a dangerous threat if you are out of your alert mode. Mostly, your actions can be the main reason for your partner to be possessive about you. Spending time with others more than the time you allocate to your partner, getting attached to someone whom your partner dislikes or even loving your dog more than your partner, can be some of the annoying reasons for him/her to become possessive. These are cute, but only if you make him/her understand the importance of being with the people whom you care other than your partner.

  • Communication is crucial in any relationship. If you find the smell of possessiveness with your partner or within yourselves, you must talk and sort it out instead of burning inside of your body. If you don't talk and keep it to yourself, one day you or your partner may burst out madly which results in ending the relationship.

  • Understanding each other's issues and also balancing out your priorities and attachments is a critical task while handling possessiveness in a relationship. For suppose, you are best friends with someone your partner dislikes, but for you, both of them are equally important, what will you do? Will you compromise or leave the relationship? Critical right! In this case, you must just go with your heart by listening to what your brain says. Make your partner understand the value of having a best friend of yours in your life. If he/she still appear unconvinced, then make a correct decision of leaving any one of them, and that depends on you. Whom are you more comfortable and attached with? Your partner or your best friend?

  • Some people unnecessarily create relationship drama under the name of possessiveness in a cuter yet cunning way. If possessiveness degrades a person to restrict others to do what they like, then it becomes insecurity, which is way more dangerous than being possessive. A person who is overly possessive about everything his/her partner does, then that person could be toxic. So, wake up your senses and know the difference between being possessive and being insecure.

  • Sometimes, possessiveness can act as a protective guard for a relationship or a person. Do not comprehend your partner's efforts of protecting you from evil eyes as over possessiveness. Care is different from doubtfulness. And if a little care makes you think that your partner is doubting you out of possessiveness, then keep calm and scrutinize the situations well instead of rushing with assumptive opinions.

  • Always draw the fine line between your love and your freedom. If you erase that line, your freedom may get vanished and your love may overpower you which makes you lose your identity. Possessiveness always increases if you don't tackle it at the right time and always a person give a chance to another person to feel more possessive about him/her. It's like poisoning your relationship with your own self. Never encourage or entertain an over-possessive partner.

  • You always have a chance to cut the possessiveness by loving your partner more than before. Love can be a reason for possessiveness but the same love can be an antidote for it too. Or if you want to make your partner understand how you feel when he/she is possessive about you, just pretend that you are excessively possessive about him/her too. The suffocation under over possessiveness can be understandable by any human. Hence, you both will come to know how it feels like being loved by taking possessiveness out of you.

Like how a diamond cuts another diamond to give it a shape, you must cut the possessiveness by love and over possessiveness by over possessiveness to shape up your relationship in a truly adorable way. This is how a couple evolves by crossing these emotional hurdles like "Possessiveness".

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