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Ways to stay motivated during the process of acceptance!

Needless to say that any queer person is not obliged to get accepted by people out there but it feels securely amazing to have people around who accept you unconditionally the way you are. After coming out as a queer person to the world, to your near and dear, it takes some time for the outside world to process your identity and orientation. During this process, some people accept without judging you whereas some people judge you behind your back and act as if they accept in front of you and on the other side some people stay stubborn to accept your queer personality. Hence, there are many chances for you to feel disappointed, demotivated and even disgusted for being a queer person. But that must not be the scenario if you own yourself and try to excel in life. Staying motivated is hard than being distracted and deviated by getting influenced by external sources and your internal intuitions. So you must be aware of staying strongly rooted to flourish your queer personality and let people perceive your queerness fully.

  • Don't you think it is practical enough to give people some good amount of time to digest your queer side because you must have taken an ample amount of time to process your queer personality within you before coming out? When you had all the time for yourself to evaluate and analyse your sexual orientation, the people around you take time to see you from a different perspective, especially when they are already habituated to seeing you as a typical heterosexual before your coming out scenes. So, devote time and meanwhile stay positive that they will process your queer side one day.

  • Acceptance shouldn't be forceful. You can't make people accept you by blackmailing your exit from their life or by threatening your dearest ones if they don't accept you. For the sake of your wellness, they may behave as if they accept you, but there will be inevitably a void between you and them in terms of acceptance and when you face the situation in the real world, the reality strikes you right in your face when you see no one stand for your cause to fight against the odds. Don't force people to accept you instead force people to face the modern scenario reality, then you may have a chance to influence even a stubborn person to accept you.

  • You shouldn't throw yourself into the dilemma of doubtfulness regarding your identity just because some people don't extend their support to you. You need to be sure enough to let people know how confident and confirming you are towards your queer personality because that makes other people see the true queerness in you and accept you the way you are. Staying motivated means staying focused without compromising your ideology about your personality.

  • It needs a lot of patience to make people perceive your orientation and identity, especially when they don't possess a minimum idea about the queer community. So, before even thinking about them accepting you, you must educate them in various possible ways and then start expecting them to accept you. Yes, indeed, it is a tiring process but if you need some particular people in life to see you the same way they have seen you before coming out as a queer person, then you need to stay motivated to help them think in broader perspectives.

  • Always know how to differentiate between stubborn people and people who are ignorant. The latter ones will never change no matter how much you put in all your efforts but the former ones can evolve into the ones that can protect you in the future if they feel related to the societal changes and social influences that portray the queer community as a perfectly acceptable one. So, stay motivated in investing your time in such people instead of dealing with the ignorant because those people can easily demotivate you.

  • Facing emotional hurdles, psychological barriers, mental bruises and sometimes physically abusive patterns is a part of the process. Try to stand for yourself to go against such demeaning gestures from people. Never entertain them. Raise your voice when you are in dire need of defending your queer personality without letting some random people ruin it for you. A fighting spirit always keeps you staying motivated and lets others understand how strong you are regardless of all the struggles you face daily.

  • Try to evaluate your priorities and expect the acceptance accordingly. You can't keep trying to make a random stranger accept you but you can do the same thing by urging your parents to comprehend you. Don't stress or run out of energy by expecting support from people you hardly know, you barely talk to, you rarely spend time with and people who don't pay your bills and never have paid attention to any of your endeavours to date. All those people are useless if they don't like to accept your queer personality. Cherish the ones who appreciate you completely including your queer side and wait for the ones whom you truly need that support from. It may not happen today or tomorrow but one day you surely get accepted.

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