Ways to stay motivated during the process of acceptance!

Needless to say that any queer person is not obliged to get accepted by people out there but it feels securely amazing to have people around who accept you unconditionally the way you are. After coming out as a queer person to the world, to your near and dear, it takes some time for the outside world to process your identity and orientation. During this process, some people accept without judging you whereas some people judge you behind your back and act as if they accept in front of you and on the other side some people stay stubborn to accept your queer personality. Hence, there are many chances for you to feel disappointed, demotivated and even disgusted for being a queer person. But that must not be the scenario if you own yourself and try to excel in life. Staying motivated is hard than being distracted and deviated by getting influenced by external sources and your internal intuitions. So you must be aware of staying strongly rooted to flourish your queer personality and let people perceive your queerness fully.

  • Don't you think it is practical enough to give people some good amount of time to digest your queer side because you must have taken an ample amount of time to process your queer personality within you before coming out? When you had all the time for yourself to evaluate and analyse your sexual orientation, the people around you take time to see you from a different perspective, especially when they are already habituated to seeing you as a typical heterosexual before your coming out scenes. So, devote time and meanwhile stay positive that they will process your queer side one day.