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Ways to resume your romantic break from dating!

It is perfectly fine for a person to take a healthy break from romanticism in life to divert one's path from dating and focus on other important aspects of life like career, family, personality development, and emotional enrichment. But there comes a moment in one's personal life where a person feels the need for intimacy, both physical and emotional. Of course, having sex by opting for hookups, getting into one-night stands by having a casual dating lifestyle, gives a person, the sensual pleasure to fulfill one's sexual desires and intimate connections. Emotional needs and psychological affectionate attractions cannot be fulfilled by sex or random hookups. A person needs to get back to a proper and serious dating mode to resume one's romantic life and get back to the feeling of falling in love.

Unfortunately, after taking a certain gap and exploring one's personality in happy singlehood, it becomes difficult for a person to imbibe the romantic atmosphere around. Some lose their charm in romanticism, some forget how to approach others romantically and some get utterly habituated to either being single or being casual about dating people. Hence, a person needs to know a few ways to wake up one's dormant romantic side!

  • There's always a reason for a person to take a romantic break from dating others. It could be commitment issues, trust issues, heartbreak, priorities struggle, rehabilitation, detoxification, and many more. If you are completely ready to accept that whatever reason that made you take a romantic break, has vanished from your life, then you can be sure of yourself to get back to a serious dating mode. If not, take some more time to get a proper self-closure. The primary way to resume is to get rid of all your old ways.

  • Speaking of old, you need to change your whole dating style, make some add ons or delete some traits from your dream partner's list, make sure that you are looking for someone reasonable and whom you deserve better instead of thinking to get someone out of your league. Most importantly, don't repeat the same mistake of choosing people by considering your old tastes and preferences. Try out something new and make moves to get someone new.

  • Instead of going with random similarities like food choices, clothing choices, and lifestyle choices, try people who make sense psychologically and emotionally. Your physical needs matter and you can be look-conscious, but see to that you aren't only focusing on the outer appearances but also the inner charm. To resume your romantic break, one way is to elevate the value of your romantic partners by filling some sense in your romantic choices.

  • Know what interests you the most, the brains or else the emotions or else brains with beauty constraints. Regardless of your orientation, know your secondary orientation too like whether are you a sapiosexual or a demisexual or a melange of both. Work on your clarity first before expecting others to be clear with you. This approach of being clear always keeps you away from all the unnecessary confusion and consequences.

  • If you have trust issues in meeting and dating random strangers, come out of the virtual dating life and search for someone from your mutual circle. It is okay to ask someone whom you trust to set you up with a trustworthy person and whom you can explore properly without having second thoughts. So yes, one way to resume your romantic break is to look out for someone whom you get to know through trusted contacts.

  • Dating apps nowadays turned into mere hookups apps. If you want to be serious about your dating life and search for someone virtually, then opt for the platforms that play a niche role in the dating scenarios. Invest your time and efforts in platforms that are completely serious about the aspect of dating which also makes you filter and sorts out the partners according to your reasonable choices and emotional preferences instead of just physical looks and sexual fantasies.

  • Another meaningful way is, to experiment with new ways of approaching people. That happens only when you alter or improvise your way of approach. Elevate your standards, maintain a presentable decorum of representing your passionate personality, mainly go with a thought of being serious even though initially you take things casually, and most importantly, try to balance out the equation between lust and love constraints.

  • No one meets you in a planned way. Go with the flow of serendipity of life. Meet people in the most unexpected ways. But for that, you need to extend your horizons, step out of your shell, be experimental and adventurous enough. Travelling, charitable contributions in the form of participating in various events, attending cozy house parties, chilling out and connecting with people whom you lost contact with, meeting and hanging out with random people out there at random destinations, opening up yourself to date people out of your preferences and tribes, mingling with people in your work environment and home neighborhood.

Altogether, until and unless you make an effort for yourself to meet the next romantic partner of your life even though it includes a lot of filtration, no one steps in your romantic life to rejuvenate your tender emotions and to make you resilient in your love life. Keep this in your mind; it is never too late to allow someone to make you fall in love. Period!

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