Ways to realize that you aren't attracted to your dating partner!

By all means, it is quite possible to date someone without getting attracted, especially out of boredom. Sometimes if you feel desperate enough to get into any kind of romantic engagement, you end up being with someone without any romantic attraction. Unfortunately, this scenario is getting common in the queer community, indeed among homosexuals and bisexuals. Needless to say that these kinds of dating scenes end up so badly by hurting other people's emotions and feelings. This happens when a person lacks clarity and keeps getting confused with a melange of various emotions.

Dating is a mutual romantic concept that flourishes and strengthens the romantic bond between two people. A person must take it seriously instead of considering it as a one-night stand or no-strings-attached commitment. But sometimes out of the need of having someone beside us, we may intentionally or unintentionally fall for someone without getting completely attracted in every possible way. A person finds it after a certain point, but what if that time arrives very late in your dating life? What if the time when you realize that you aren't attracted to your dating partner is the time when the other person completely falls head over heels for you? At that moment, things become quite serious from one end and you from the other side must struggle with an utmost dilemma. Hence, you need to realize before things get serious in your dating life.

  • Before committing to your dating partner regarding love or relationship, check yourself as many times as you can from every angle. Check whether you are truly interested or being influenced by the situations or people around you. Sometimes, external forces may push us towards other people and without our knowledge, we end up in a position where everything rushes us to promise the commitments to people whom we date.

  • Ask yourself whether you are attracted romantically out of genuine emotion of love or attracted materialistically. There are many chances for a person to get attracted to the other person's bodily and worldly assets. Hence, a person can easily miss out on engaging in emotional intimacy with the other person. In the initial stages of dating, everything seems clear but the confusion starts when your heart denies listening to you at the right moments.

  • If you are bored, go out for casual dates to strike conversations over coffees with random people you meet online and if you want to hook up, just feel free to explore your sexuality to get sensually engaged with people. But under the name of love, never push yourself further for romantic commitments just because you have nothing to do in your life. Your boredom should never cost the other person's sensitive emotions. It's plain stupidity to even think to get yourself romantically committed just because you are idle and jobless.

  • If you are desperate enough for love, you would end up committing some grave mistakes which you regret badly in the long run in your dating life. Many people get into relationships with the wrong ones because of their desperate feeling to get noticed as someone who is dating. For the sake of others and others' opinions, you should never promise a commitment to your dating partners, especially when deep down you feel that commitment isn't from the bottom of your heart. It feels completely null being with a person to whom you are not at all attracted. So, never make that mistake.

  • Realization comes when you try to analyze things from the perspective of happiness and satisfaction. If you don't feel complete, happy, and satisfied when you are with someone whom you call, him/her as your romantic partner, then yeah you aren't attracted to that person. Check the string that's missing in your whole romantic bond.

  • Some people may get misguided with the terms lust and love, and consider sexual attractions as romantic attractions. Ultimately, you need a person's emotional attachment, not physical intimacy. You can't survive a relationship with only sex; you need love for that, even though you aren't seriously committed and just dating. Altogether, try to comprehend the difference between emotional intimacy and physical intimacy.

  • Also, check whether the other person is truly attracted to you or not. Every so often because of the other person, you may push yourself towards getting attracted to your dating partner. This happens soon after your dating partner expresses his/her/their emotions and feelings. Don't mislead your emotions just because the other person is feeling for you. If you feel the same, go ahead, if not, be truthful about your feelings to your dating partner.

  • When you are in love with the other person, no matter what, every little thing and every simple detail matter to you the most, and you focus on every minute happening in your daily dating scenario. So, if your dating partner's outfit, appearance, achievements, big or small aspect, doesn't excite you, then realize that you aren't attracted enough.