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Ways to predict the beginning and endings of one-night stands!

"Oh my god, that was awesome!"

"Man, when this ends and when I see the sun rising?"

"Wish I have another night to spend."

"No, no, I shouldn't fall in love at all."

"Why I always do this and I'm already feeling like shit."

Wait, don't get puzzled with all the self-talk dialogues up there, those are actually how most people feel after they experience their one-night stands in various possible ways. Some like it, some cherish it and some people look out for chances to escape. As there are only physical and sensual attractions involved, it is both easy and challenging for a person to feel romantically attracted and repelled to one's one-night stand partners.

If you can predict the beginnings, you can easily know the outcomes of the endings. Only a few cases contradict that fact and those turn out to be people who fall in love after romantically connected by spending one night together. But that happens rarely and one must not get into one-night stands to look out for a lifetime partner because that's not how it works.

Call them hookups, refer them as fuck and forget sessions, at the end of the day, they are all totaled up as one-night stands no matter how recklessly you put out your whole casual dating lifestyle. Two people out of nowhere without any connection can get into one-night stands when they meet lively and virtually.

Bars, random house parties, sometimes weddings, various interesting events are some of the places and situations where two people can get attracted and connected personally to spend some quality time just to have a crazy night with a random appealing person without any strings attached. Similarly, dating turned hookup apps like Tinder, Grindr, etc. are the best virtual spaces to get hooked easily by finding someone interesting in and around your radius with your specifications. Nowadays, most of the one-night stands are happening over smartphones, though! Thanks for the technology!

Gone are the days, where you can easily hit on someone with overly used pickup lines. Stop asking for cigarettes and offering drinks. Those became utterly cheap and desperate. Always remember, beginnings are important. Even though you need someone to open up in every possible way, it doesn't mean you must overlook the basic aspects of respect, trust, and decency. Dump the people, who consider you as some slut and try to hit on you even after you display your disinterest. Don't get convinced or do it for the sake of escaping any consequence, if not the endings become quite unpredictable!

Be it a one-night stand partner or a lifetime partner, you deserve all the respect, care, and the basic aspect of consensual sex? So choose someone who checks every box of basic traits to be your one-night stand partner. Of course, you must also include all the physical and bodily attractions. But sometimes you meet some fascinating ones who don't befit your materialistic traits, don't back step. Just try them out, who knows you may have an awesome unexpected ending for that one night you spend with an alluring stranger.

If a person (regardless of gender) approaches you by maintaining self-respect, decency, and also with a few flirtatious phrases through which you can sense how he/she/they treat you further, even though you are planning to spend only one night, then you must go on with that person instead of thinking twice. A person who respects you without pretending to be nicer and allows you to have your opinion be it, acceptance or denial, then consider that person as safe, secure, and sexy indeed. You will be treated exactly how you get picked. If you get approached with utmost lust, your endings will be deeply sensual without any trace of emotion. If you get approached with lust and a little attraction, your night ends beautifully with drinks, conversations, sex, and pleasant goodbyes! Your endings depend on your beginnings!

Unlike you meet someone personally where you can see, smell, and sense every aspect of a person, the virtual world works completely strange and sometimes may make you feel awkward too. This is why people who talk and text over phones end up being mute when they meet in person.

Even on the dating profiles, choose someone open, conscious, knowledgeable, and clear about what he/she is looking for. Don't react to the typical faceless desperate people out there. Ignore them to the core. But not everyone from the dating profiles acts like pricks and hopeless people. There is a particular set of interestingly straightforward people who approaches you directly by praising your looks, indeed your bodily assets, and put their one-night stand proposals right in front of you. Well, choose them!

Being crystal clear is so important when it comes to seeking someone to be one's one-night stand partner. And yeah there are chances that a person who sounds so confident over the phone may appear completely different and when you encounter you may even experience a huge difference between the two various personalities of the same person. Remember, you always have an option to turn back and turn down a person instead of trying to get along forcefully. You can try, as it is only for one night but if you don't want, then mention the same to the person and leave with a smile. Simple!

Whereas some people whom you meet online could be turned out to be super interesting, good in bed, good in talks, and good at controlling one's feelings, good at not ruining the concept of one-night stands by involving unnecessary romantic emotions and you surely end up by adding them as your best one-night stand partners. All you need to do is to make sure your beginnings have clarity, decency, lust-worthy appeal, flirtatious behavior, straight forward approach, and without any doubt, you can predict the endings to be super exciting, adventurous, thrilling, alluring, sensual, and just perfect without any discrepancies and disturbances!

Last but not least, one-night stands aren't only about sex.

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