Ways to predict the beginning and endings of one-night stands!

"Oh my god, that was awesome!"

"Man, when this ends and when I see the sun rising?"

"Wish I have another night to spend."

"No, no, I shouldn't fall in love at all."

"Why I always do this and I'm already feeling like shit."

Wait, don't get puzzled with all the self-talk dialogues up there, those are actually how most people feel after they experience their one-night stands in various possible ways. Some like it, some cherish it and some people look out for chances to escape. As there are only physical and sensual attractions involved, it is both easy and challenging for a person to feel romantically attracted and repelled to one's one-night stand partners.

If you can predict the beginnings, you can easily know the outcomes of the endings. Only a few cases contradict that fact and those turn out to be people who fall in love after romantically connected by spending one night together. But that happens rarely and one must not get into one-night stands to look out for a lifetime partner because that's not how it works.