Ways to notice biphobia towards bisexuals in the queer community!

It's deeply saddening to mention the depressing fact that most bisexuals get easily criticized, judged, and mostly get attacked with the typical biphobic behavior from the members of the queer community! When talking about biphobia, there's a lot of internalized thrash towards bisexuals. Unlike homosexuals and transgenders, bisexuals encounter judgmental criticism from inside and outside of the queer community! Of course, they are completely included in the queer community, but at times, they get completely excluded too! And there are a few things, only bisexuals observe and people from other queer orientations, fail to notice.

Do you know that bisexuals feel that their involvement in the queer community is very less even though you find many of them on dating apps and even though many homosexuals end up with bisexuals as their partners? This is because bisexuality has been constantly getting considered as an orientation out of confusion, for ages. It's high time for every queer person to notice this silly assumption and consider bisexuality as a valid sexual orientation in which a person can get attracted towards both same-sex and opposite-sex people!

With the attractions from both sides, a bisexual person always feels low of himself/herself for being attracted to homosexuals and heterosexuals. There is no wrong with it and indeed, that's how the orientation works. Hence, one must have no right to point out a bisexual for swinging both ways, until and unless that particular bisexual person is playing with the emotions of two different people at the same time. But mostly, bisexuals stay loyal!