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Ways to notice biphobia towards bisexuals in the queer community!

It's deeply saddening to mention the depressing fact that most bisexuals get easily criticized, judged, and mostly get attacked with the typical biphobic behavior from the members of the queer community! When talking about biphobia, there's a lot of internalized thrash towards bisexuals. Unlike homosexuals and transgenders, bisexuals encounter judgmental criticism from inside and outside of the queer community! Of course, they are completely included in the queer community, but at times, they get completely excluded too! And there are a few things, only bisexuals observe and people from other queer orientations, fail to notice.

Do you know that bisexuals feel that their involvement in the queer community is very less even though you find many of them on dating apps and even though many homosexuals end up with bisexuals as their partners? This is because bisexuality has been constantly getting considered as an orientation out of confusion, for ages. It's high time for every queer person to notice this silly assumption and consider bisexuality as a valid sexual orientation in which a person can get attracted towards both same-sex and opposite-sex people!

With the attractions from both sides, a bisexual person always feels low of himself/herself for being attracted to homosexuals and heterosexuals. There is no wrong with it and indeed, that's how the orientation works. Hence, one must have no right to point out a bisexual for swinging both ways, until and unless that particular bisexual person is playing with the emotions of two different people at the same time. But mostly, bisexuals stay loyal!

Speaking of loyalty, bisexuals always face the wrath of these typical queer people who always question their stability in a relationship. Just because a person gets attracted to both the gender binary, it doesn't mean that a particular person is meant to be a cheater and be unstable in one's relationship. This is a very wrong perception towards bisexuals, and this is one of the main reasons, why people become biphobic on this baseless assumption! Every queer person must notice that whenever you speak about someone's loyalty, make sure you shouldn't affect one's personality and orientation. That's not how one queer person must act towards the other queer person.

A bisexual eternally remains as a bisexual, no matter what. Just because he is in a relationship with a homosexual man, it never makes him gay and if you are a lesbian who is in a relationship with a bisexual woman, you should never consider her as a lesbian indeed. But most queer people, fail at it. Is it that necessary to include your orientation before the word called "Couple"? Every time you mention your relationship with your orientation instead of considering your partner's bisexuality, you end up camouflaging a person's orientation completely and that's not fair at all. Will you accept if someone doesn't consider your orientation? No, right!

The way how you pronounce your orientation as Gay or Lesbian, impart the equivalent value to your partner if he or she is bisexual. Let your bisexual partner carry his/her sexual orientation without feeling being oppressed or suppressed by your dominating homosexuality!

You can find most bisexuals carry that typical heterosexual appearance. Be its behavioral patterns, dressing sense, gestures, and postures, they mostly give that straight vibe. Strictly speaking, being a bisexual is being partially homosexual and partially heterosexual. And that doesn't mean, all bisexuals purposely spill straight vibes just to blend in with the typical societal norms.

For an instance, if you are an effeminate gay who likes to dress up in typical feminine clothing and wear heels and makeup, will you stop if someone tells you that you are being too feminine, or do you restrict yourself to be effeminate? Similarly, a bisexual man who likes to dress up in typical masculine clothing, can't restrict himself to be in that way that resembles straight men appearance. Then, why do you have to throw an unnecessary judgment for all the typical straight-looking bisexual men and women as the hidden queer people who aren't proud of their orientations? To be clear, not everyone has to be flashy enough to consider themselves queer. Sexuality doesn't lie in physical appearance; it's all in the mindset of a person.

Have you ever noticed, how one absurd statement can affect a person's mental health? Many bisexuals end up traumatizing themselves for being called out as disloyal, unstable, confused, desperate, needy, discreetly queer, and many more demeaning phrases which represent the biphobic nature towards bisexuals. Never generalize the whole orientation, just because you had a bitter experience with one person.

Internalized biphobia among bisexuals for being bisexual, is another reason for the increasing biphobia in the queer community. If you are a bisexual, own your orientation, be proud of it and let others know the value of your sexuality and how you respect yourself instead of degrading yourself and get swallowed up in your darkness. And if you are a person from other queer orientations, take all your assumptions on bisexuality, because those make you fall into the loop of biphobia. Experience for yourself, instead of following the regular typical opinions of people. Value bisexuality like the way how you value your orientation!

Notice all these devaluing aspects regarding bisexuality and crush the biphobia to the core by considering bisexuals as your fellow queer people! Let's work towards the change from this moment. Let's erase the aspect of biphobia!

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