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Ways to know whether a person is Sapiosexual or Not!

Sapiosexuality is like one of the sub-orientations of the core sexual orientations, which makes a person get sexually attracted to the intelligence of the other person which leads to further personal, physical, and emotional commitments. It's all about getting attracted to one's mindset, skills, talents, and perspectives. Sapiosexuality is not a trend. It's an orientation that includes intelligence as an emotional preference. But in this millennial era, to establish one's personality sound attractive or cool, many people are defaming this particular term and claiming themselves as sapiosexuals without having a minimum idea about this orientation.

It's easy for a true sapiosexual to analyze and scrutinize a fellow sapiosexual but for others, it's complex because very few people know the content of this particular orientation. Hence, it is easy for a person to cheat others by adding this term to their personalities just to attract others for bodily and materialistic pleasures. Hence, a person must have a bare minimum idea of how it is being a true sapiosexual.

Be aware of all the dating profiles and social media profiles of people who mention "Sapiosexuals" in their bios. Hardly anyone of them is a sapiosexual. An intelligent person never boasts about his intelligence; he waits for people to test him and know for themselves. Sapiosexuals don't recognize the term as a social status. Mentioning a core orientation like gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, and asexual, is different because they are core orientations and people must know whom you are into. If a person mentions his orientation as sapiosexuality, then consider that person must be either faking it or aiming for entirely a different thing in dating apps. So, don't get attracted to the bio mentions and yes, you can easily whether a person is sapiosexual or not, through his lifestyle choices, likes, and dislikes.

Try reading between the lines. No sapiosexual tells you that he/she is horny or wants to look at your nude body. Block those perverts right away. Expect for the phrases like "You're attractive and I want you to know more" from a true sapiosexual. If someone urges you to talk more and let you, reveal more about a particular aspect and who questions you back, to know your perspectives, but never judge them, then yes, you can believe that you are talking to a sapiosexual. Cut those people off, who always likes to talk about your body, sex, asking ridiculous questions about your details under the name of sapiosexual curiosity.

Materialistic things never excite a sapiosexual. They prefer talking about the mechanism behind the high-speed engine car than talking about stepping out of their dream elite luxurious car. Find out whether a person who is claiming as sapiosexual is behind minimalism or materialism. Sapiosexuals mostly don't like getting into the money shit because they consider knowledge has power than anything else.

Sapiosexuals are attracted to mind and they will tell you this if you ask them or if they approach you. They don't always talk and claim consistently that they are sapiosexuals in front of others just to look cool or sound attractive. A true sapiosexual never boasts about his orientation because for him it's just an orientation that helps him to filter the genuine person.

Sapiosexuals can also get attracted physically without experiencing the intelligence of a person. Physical and sexual attractions are common in sapiosexuals like others, but the difference is they try to know a person on a deeper level and show interest in committing further. So, don't expect a sapiosexual to scan a person's intelligence at first sight and get attracted to that person. It doesn't work that way.

Do you know the difference between quality and popularity? Well, if a person is looking for popularity like name, fame, social media followers, social status, without considering the personality traits of a fellow person, then he/she isn't a sapiosexual at all. A true sapiosexual read books which have content, not the writer's or author's popularity. This is why you find many underrated, weird, distinct books on the shelves of a true sapiosexual.

Museums are enticing and interesting for a sapiosexual than commercial movies and red-carpet events. They display more interest in digging the information about civilizations than learning the millennial lingo to get along with the current generation. Branding is just a concept than life for them. For sapiosexuals, simple dinners with a hell lot of conversations are sexier than strip teasing shows.

Now you may feel that they sound boring! Yes, they seem boring for sure if you can't get along with the conversations they strike and the information they like to share with you. And yes, even this helps you to find whether a person is a true sapiosexual or not. Most of the sapiosexuals talk nerdy and make other people feel a little boring. They still choose to be like that instead of changing the topics to lust, sex, and making you end up in bed on the first date. They can never run out of conversations.

Not every nerd is sapiosexual, but most of the sapiosexuals are nerds. Hence, if someone speaks a lot about books or galaxies of information regarding various world topics, don't conclude that he/she is a sapiosexual. Who knows, he/she may just want to pass on the information and least bothered about your perspectives on it and don't even consider your intelligence.

A true sapiosexual is the one who never degrades others based on intelligence. All he needs is the right person who can match his intelligence levels and who can share perspectives of various aspects. They just inform you that they are not interested if they don't get vibes from you. They never criticize or judge a person's intellectual abilities. If a person who claims as a sapiosexual by degrading others, then he/she isn't a sapiosexual because that's not how an intelligent, well mannered and civilized person behaves!

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