Ways to know whether a person is Sapiosexual or Not!

Sapiosexuality is like one of the sub-orientations of the core sexual orientations, which makes a person get sexually attracted to the intelligence of the other person which leads to further personal, physical, and emotional commitments. It's all about getting attracted to one's mindset, skills, talents, and perspectives. Sapiosexuality is not a trend. It's an orientation that includes intelligence as an emotional preference. But in this millennial era, to establish one's personality sound attractive or cool, many people are defaming this particular term and claiming themselves as sapiosexuals without having a minimum idea about this orientation.

It's easy for a true sapiosexual to analyze and scrutinize a fellow sapiosexual but for others, it's complex because very few people know the content of this particular orientation. Hence, it is easy for a person to cheat others by adding this term to their personalities just to attract others for bodily and materialistic pleasures. Hence, a person must have a bare minimum idea of how it is being a true sapiosexual.

Be aware of all the dating profiles and social media profiles of people who mention "Sapiosexuals" in their bios. Hardly anyone of them is a sapiosexual. An intelligent person never boasts about his intelligence; he waits for people to test him and know for themselves. Sapiosexuals don't recognize the term as a social status. Mentioning a core orientation like gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, and asexual, is different because they are core orientations and people must know whom you are into. If a person mentions his orientation as sapiosexuality, then consider that person must be either faking it or aiming for entirely a different thing in dating apps. So, don't get attracted to the bio mentions and yes, you can easily whether a person is sapiosexual or not, through his lifestyle choices, likes, and dislikes.