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Ways to know that your ex is still into you!

No matter how badly we break up with our ex-partners or ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, we intend to believe that we still exist in their lives and we expect them to never forget us. People can be able to move on, but they can never forget their relationships. Moving on in life is not about forgetting a particular person and the bond we had or have with that person. It's all about comprising the whole set of memories as a phase and stepping into another phase of life. Though we move on in life after a rough breakup with our loved ones, when we bump into them accidentally, we expect them to shower some love on us. Typically, this is how most of the humans expect, by default.

The behavioral changes of an ex can never be expected and hence, don't expect your exes to behave the way you wanted and the way you dreamed. But there are a few behavioral changes that let you clearly understand that your ex is still into you and still wants you to be by his/her side if there is any slightest chance. Some people miss these last chances of getting back with their exes because of their unfocused nature towards their exes. But do you think that missing the genuine person over a stupid breakup is the right thing to do? Well, if you want to know whether your ex can become your current partner again in your life, then you must concentrate on a few details.

If we love a person, regardless of all the mess around, we somehow choose paths that lead to the same person. We never cut all the threads, and we always want to remain in touch with them in one or the other way. So, if your ex approaches you after your serious break up or if he tries to message you or call you for weird and silly reasons, then yeah, he/she is striving hard to get back to you.

Don't freak out if your ex asks you to be friends with him/her after you people decided to never talk to each other. You may get offended in getting demoted from a partner position to a friend position. Give it a shot and wait for a while, sometimes, you get unexpectedly promoted with a serious demotion. As people believe friendship is the best way to initiate a relationship, exes always use this weapon to restart the relationship.

If you receive a greeting card with yellow roses after a groundbreaking and earth-shattering breakup, especially from a person who never steps into a cozy card store, you must accept that card and be calm. If a person feels sorry with or without his/her mistake after a weighty argument in a relationship, then yeah, take it as a mission of getting back to you and he/she is still into you!

Are you receiving some formal emoji or decent texts for every single Instagram story of yours and every single Facebook update, from your ex-partner who always tries to strike a conversation with you at any cost? Yes, he is still into you and there are chances if you respond well, you may get back together regardless of how old your relationship or breakup is, only if you want to!

It all starts with a formal invitation for a coffee or drinks if you bump into your ex accidentally somewhere outside after a long time of your breakup. And if you see a flirtatious smile with a spark in his/her eyes, then you can consider your ex is still into you, especially when he says he is single and when she says she is focusing on her career. And no one wants to invite an ex to ruminate the good and bad memories of a relationship until and unless the person still harbors feelings for his/her partner.

There is no need that a person must get back to his ex who is still into him/her. Some people look out for post-breakup ego satisfaction criteria in which they sadistically observe whether their exes still have feelings for them or not. If they find out any such remains of love in their exes, they start playing with those feelings and emotions just to have some fun or to teach a life lesson. This is completely an unusual approach where a person tries to get his/her closure by giving some pain to his/her partner through emotions. Now you may wonder why these people commit such acts. When love becomes intense, even pain can be felt as pleasure. And if your ex is trying to play with your emotions and feelings, soon after he/she gets to know you are still into him/her, then you must understand that your ex is also still into you.

We humans don't put effort into useless things. If you strive too hard to impress a person or to make that person feel bad, especially to our exes, consider yourself you are still into your exes and their responses to your post-breakup behavioral patterns, says everything about whether they still into you or not.

And finally, after your breakup, if you find your ex doing things for you, behaving in a good different way, trying to portray his/her changed attitude, also behaves like a maniac by showcasing his frustrating mood swings with blended approaches towards you, consider that your ex-partner is still into you if he/she tries hard to be with you no matter what.

These signs help you to realize and recognize the efforts of your exes to tell you that they are still into you and getting back to them completely depends on you. And there is no wrong in giving a chance to a deserving person, to be with you!

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