Ways to know about your FTM transgender partner!

Like other communities, even the transgender community consists of various subcategories in it. A person who is assigned either of the gender-binary at birth can transform into another or opposite gender if that person feels that the soul and body are not matching. This scenario of the physical transformation and surgical transition make a person identify one's self as transgender. This can happen in both ways, either Male to Female (MTF) or Female to Male (FTM). In India, being transgender can be considered as the third gender regardless of the complete or partial transformation. Unlike, trans-women, the transition from female to male, is less seen in India, but many girls got transformed into guys and leading a happy and satisfied life as self-confident and competitive men in society.

But the judgmental criticism is also high when compared to the other genders and orientations. Being a girl is one tough task to deal with, in this male-dominated society. Imagine, the situation of a girl who wants to be transformed as a man? Do you think, these degrading stereotypical men would allow women just like that to get transitioned as men physically? In countries like India, it's a hectic task because the aspect of the male ego never accepts another woman to be transformed as a man! But still, by breaking all the stereotypes, our society is blessed with some trans-men who are leading their lives as true men. And also, some people are accepting these trans-men for their true souls, not for their genitalia. A person must discover the soul of a trans-man to think about dating or sharing life and that happens if you know a few things which make you understand them deeply!

She's no more a girl no matter whether she got transitioned completely or partially. The day she started believing that her body doesn't match her soul, and she feels like a man, that day itself she becomes a trans-man. Hence, respect it and never consider and refer your trans-man partner as a female and give feminine pronouns. Treat him as a genuine man because they appreciate being called and tagged as a male. Most of the trans-men look short because of their assigned gender during their birth, because they come with the typical female measurements, but this scenario is not permanent. The changes post-transformation may even thrill you with the complete change. If you are dating a trans-man who undergoes the transition phase, just be patient with the aesthetic appearance and behavioral patterns too.

It's complex for every transgender to deal with the transition phase due to the roller coaster journey of hormonal changes in the body. Though the transformation makes them, feel happy, the process is painful. It includes flattening the chest and testosterone implants in the body. Hence, you must completely identify and understand the biological changes and be a support in the challenging times. Love is all about supporting each other right! Just because your trans-man was once a girl, doesn't mean that he likes both girly stuff too. Instead, most trans-men don't like being feminine and things that are typically segregated as girly things. It's important to deal with the changes in tastes, preferences, likes, and dislikes before, during, and after the transition.

Psychologically trans-men like to explore more. As they are already fed up with the society considering them as females, before their transition, they psychologically feel empowered after the transition. If you are dating a trans-man, it's your responsibility to control the excitement of being a man. Testosterone levels make a person behave a little overpowering. Be prepared to face some changes. For example, if you know and date a trans-man before the transition, don't expect that person to remain unchanged because the situations and circumstances around that person keep getting changed day by day. Hence, it may lead to a few disturbances initially, but understanding and supporting each other will help you to come out of such blues.

Trans-men are both sweet and tough. Fortunately, the pre-transition feminine soul in terms of kindness and love will never get changed, but the post-transition masculine soul may make them tough in looks and also in mindsets too. You don't have to worry because they are the sweetest and the most understanding people. Come on, who can acknowledge the pain of another person? Surely, the person who has a