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Ways to kick the stress out of tress!

It's difficult, but it's not an impossible one to commit ourselves to fight against the devil called "Stress". In the current scenario, regardless of age and gender, every single person is stressed and depressed. These were big words back then, but gradually they became very common and every 6 persons out of 10 are suffering from various kinds of stress. Work stress, family stress, educational pressures, relationship stress, sexual stress, performance anxiety, and most importantly "not-being-oneself stress". Yeah, there are many and more dangerous than cancer and like how cancer patients forced to chop their hair off, people who are suffering from stress, automatically shed their tresses off without their intervention.

What if we say, stress is one of the major reasons behind a person's unnatural hair fall? You must agree because it is scientifically proven. Shedding 50 - 100 strands per day are quite common in one of the phases of hair growth, but if you see a hand full of hair and every bristle of your brush stuck with your hair strands, that's something you must act upon and consider as hair fall. But, we are humans and we freak out way more naturally now and then and especially when it comes to hair, we become mad. Come on, who doesn't love carrying luscious locks? We use many products for hair growth and many cleansers for a healthy scalp. We take too much stress if we find natural hair fall too. We take too much stress if a product doesn't work on our hair in the first wash. Like seriously? Aren't we supposed to use a product for at least a month, to witness the proper results? We are suckers for instant results, aren't we? Out of all the types of stress mentioned earlier, these two also play a major role in hair fall. There are few ways to take the stress out of your tresses...

  • This is something related to your brain and your way of thinking. Stress is completely emotional which affects physical growth and appearances. So, until and unless you feel comfortable with your mindset, nothing is going to work and this is for sure.

  • Self-control is the key to get rid of unnecessary stress. Take the amount of stress that is needed and try hard enough to fake yourself that you don't have any stress. Try smiling at people and laughing out loud. Fake it till you make it and in the end, you realize a change that is going to be good for your health.

  • Whenever you feel stressed, just do things that you feel happy, satisfied and soothing. Get involved in something you love. Talk to people whom you like. Hit a gym and do some cardio and lift some weights. Go for evening walks or jog for an hour or so. These all help you to make you feel okay and good after your stressful day, but in the end, you must allow yourself to do all these things, which means you must allow yourself to take your stress out.

  • Stress makes you numb towards the pain and makes you temporarily escape from it by stress eating, smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs, well, these will ruin your health and wealth for sure. All the habits you develop to escape from stress, physically affect you, your body and your hair too.

  • The internal physical changes affect the blood flow and many capillaries are connected with the skin tissue which needs the proper blood flow. The scalp contains skin and from which hair generates. The deeper hair science surely gets damaged if you develop habits that change your system. So keep this in your mind, that an enormous amount of stress leads to develop habits which makes you numb and that leads to disturbing the harmony of your body which leads to shedding of your hair like autumn leaves.

  • Get a head massage at least a month. Go to your nearest salon and keep your hair in the safe hands of a trusted hairdresser and pamper yourselves and your hair regularly. If not, just approach your mother or sister or wife or daughter to give you a soothing head massage with coconut oil. This is so traditionally right. Forgot to mention, husbands give better head massages.

  • Hair spas are needed to make your hair and scalp healthy. You must focus on your scalp condition and hair condition both to get a proper hair spa done. Oily, Dandruff, Dry, Itchy scalps and Frizzy, Dry, Colored, Chemically treated hair are the various conditions. You must focus on them and blend both scalp and hair conditions to get into a spa. L'Oreal hair spa is one of the best hair spa treatments in the market. Try at your nearest salon.

  • Use the products which are Paraben and Sulfate free, because these give you proper results and opt for the products which do not include too much of chemicals. Using these products, automatically reduce your stress about results.

  • Always keep trust in a product before using and if you feel dissatisfied about the product, do not complain too much about it and tag all your hair problems for the product which you used hardly once in your life. Stop using the product in which dissatisfy you. In the mode of completing that product, do not use it. It increases your stress even more.

  • Always use hair oil, hair shampoo or hair cleanser, hair conditioner and hair serum for sure. If you miss at least one of them, your hair won't receive the proper nourishment. Use all of them and don't stress out.

  • Blending various products that don't fit your hair condition won't give you proper results and hence, your stress of hair fall will be increased. Always use the proper products that suit your hair and scalp.

  • Most importantly, do not take the opinions of people about your hair. You need to take good care and when you believe your hair is good, then it will be good. Unnecessary suggestions and interventions of opinions from people make you feel more stressed and you end up using ridiculous products and empty your pockets on purchasing them. So, stop believing people and start believing in yourself.

The condition of your hair is in your hands. If you ruin, it will get damaged. If you protect it, it will be well-nourished and healthy. So, taking the stress out of your tresses depends on you. Chanting and complaining won't help. So, act on taking the stress out of your mind and maintain good hair.

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