Ways to keep your queer spirits high even after Pride Month!

Unlike many previous decades, the world is coming together to celebrate queerness in the month of June by naming it as "PRIDE MONTH" to give a particular recognition for all the queer people around the globe. Nowadays, businesses throwing rainbows on their websites, fashion brands are launching queer editions in their various ranges of merchandise, everywhere you can witness some kind of queer inclusions, especially in June. Even people from the queer community celebrate this month in various possible ways to spill all the queer vibes to make other notice what they are and how they are proud of themselves.

The spirits of Pride month are too high, sometimes they become unbearable especially when we notice the typical queerphobic crowd giving lectures about being queer. Unpredictable things happen mostly in this month. Closeted people try to come out and proudly announce their sexual orientations. Open people celebrate the month in their own queer way. Activists conduct various interviews. Artists become extra creative by making colorful arts. Queer music albums get released. Special queer conversations with well-recognized queer people happen around in all kinds of media. There will be news about queer celebrations from every nook and corner of the world. Everything revolves around the queer community in the month of June!