Ways to keep your exes in the past!

Past relationships are contagiously depressing and disappointing especially when you drag them in front of your current dating partners or your relationship partner. The more you speak less about your past, the more you get benefit out of your present relationship because, unlike in previous eras, everyone wants to live in the moment instead of hearing the rumination of your relationship scenarios with your exes. In the modern dating lifestyle, no one cares how many people you have been in a relationship with before, indeed some may feel distressed if you mention them.

But human tendencies become unstoppable when a person encounters someone to share about everything and it is hard to not open up about exes, especially when you become extra conscious of choosing the right partner and cautious of sending signals of your desires and needs in your next relationship. Well, there is a time to share the past with your present partner and it arrives only after crossing your honeymoon phase of dating. So, initially, people get turned off if you share way too much about your exes. Hence, you need to know how to keep your past relationships in the past.

  • Be a blank page before going out on a date or before starting a day with your partner because no one likes to scribble on a used paper. Don't fill the stories of your exes in your mind. Erase all of them and be fresh to write a new story with your current partner.

  • Ignore everything that makes you flash memories with your exes. Strike them off soon after they cross your mind. This will encourage you to divert yourself from unnecessary thoughts that do nothing but ruin your moods. Embrace yourself as a single if you aren't dating anyone or appreciate your evolvement if you are seeing someone.

  • Stop behaving like a sensitive kid who gets easily triggered by looking at a used chocolate wrapper your ex once gifted to you. Before anything else, store souvenirs that make you feel good about your relationship and yourself. Some people trash all the gifts from their exes but that's ridiculous. Keep the worthiest ones that can be used and also maintain the ones that make you cherish the best parts of your past relationships. Be practical and don't store mere wrappers.

  • If you are that person who remains in contact with your exes even after breaking up with them, make sure you maintain limitations in having conversations and sharing information regarding your current dating life. Don't ask for unnecessary complications especially if you are emotionally unstable. Respond, react and reply only if you get a call or message. And initiate a chat only when it is substantial for you. Else, stay calm and let your ex breathe so that you can live your dating life happily.

  • Sometimes cutting people off is a good idea, especially the ones that constantly remind your exes. At least maintain a healthy distance from people whose presence makes you remember your exes. Don't be a people pleaser and don't continue your rapport with the circle you gained from your exes if you feel uncomfortable.

  • Be mature enough to accept the breakups and mourn your relationship for a good time so that the memories slowly vanish from your mind. Don't rush up and don't avenge. It doesn't support you growing further. Proper confrontations and closure episodes make you realize what you lack in you, what you deserve from your partner and how people evaluate you. Just listen to the opinions and get along with the ones that you feel elevating by dumping the useless allegations.